Unipiper as Star Wars new BB-8


Is that a standard exercise ball, or something more rugged? Far trickier than a unicycle, I would think.

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I greatly prefer a BB-8 that doesn’t exist only as CGI.

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Jason, I’m really happy for your caption, I’ma let you finish, but expressing your enthusiasm for one thing over another in the format laid out by Kanye would have been the best format ever for that caption.

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You realize that BB-8 is largely a practical effect, right? It doesn’t exist only as CGI, which is why a version of it was shown at an event recently.


Yeah, it’s pretty rad.


I didn’t realize that, and thank you very much for correcting me. That is fantastic. Part of me wants to know how they do it and part of me doesn’t.


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Shouldn’t that be wrapped in spoiler clothing?

shouldn’t everything?

felt a bit like a magic trick was revealed by reading the post above.

Well, except this is just some hacker dude.

I only skimmed through the video without sound, but from what I gathered in my ADHD rattled brain is that he made something to resemble BB-8 and proposed how it could be accomplished, not how it was actually made. I still say it was magnets.

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Look closely at the video of the live BB-8. It is driven by a reptile man.


How about when @pesco spilled the beans last February that Jabba the Hutt was actually just a puppet?

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