A basket full of revolting EasterFools' Day 'treats'


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Zombie Christ Day is awesome.



Every year I get myself a dark chocolate bunny. And love it.

I’m just a big kid.




I’ll see that and raise you.





That’s nothing, Jimmy. Nuns told me about a guy that served his friends dinner around Easter, and later told them that they had actually eaten his flesh and drunk his blood!

Too soon?

Thanks, I’ll be here all holy week.


Seems like the perfect day for these:




YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! Those chalky/malty chocolate egg thingies are my weakness!

…the chocolate bunnies I can just barely resist long enough to pick them up on clearance.


Had 'em. I picked them up at a ‘Failed Marketing Trials’ food store, and I thought, “I’ll try to eat anything once.” They’re gross, but still mostly just sugar. My kid self would have just eaten them by the mixed handful.


Joke’s on you if Jesus decides to come back…


I’m relying heavily on that whole “infinite mercy” thing.


Depends on if it’s Bible Jesus or American Jesus, I guess.



(Update for Easter.)


I guess that makes you normal.


That is cruel. After that they should google tubgirl.