A beautifully machined spinning top

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This is how it begins. Did an alien transmission tell these guys to build this?


For those of us who can’t stand seeing a picture of a top without video of it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMXoufME2vI


Looks like the glamorous cousin of a plumber’s drain snake.

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Behold Lilke, the fully armed and pissed-off persistence of my tabletop attention span.
Leave your pathetic Rebel Army of completely craven republic traders.

You’re supposed to have rolled initiative. I’ll just give you an 18, okay?



I would expect to pay top dollar for something so revolutionary.


“Excuse me Sir, can I see your Dad Joke Licence please?”


Hundreds of dollars for a small top that spins for a long time. Comes with its own small base. No thinks, I’ll pay $20 at the local Walmart and give it to kids to have fun! Don’t need another paper-weight on my desk to prove I’m a rich idiot! -)


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I do. Somehow neither my gold-plated personal chef nor my collection of rare and much-sought dunce caps seem to get the message across.

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I am not a Dad, and that was not a Joke. :neutral_face:

(puns are too low on the humor scale to register)

Or better yet, anyone with some basic tools could make a less fancy version of this as a fun project.

Me, I’m going to try to one up these guys, and produce a single top with a stainless damascus steel shaft and a copper/nickel mokume disc. And I’ll sell it for more (not really). They may be able to machine, but if you don’t forge, you’re not making composite metals (and yes, I realize that there are other methods, but on a small scale, that’s true enough [call it “trump presidency level truthiness”].

I won’t even hold a lottery for mine. You’ll have to have been pre-ordained by God to be able to buy this bad-boy. There’s an ancient prophecy that I just made up that will guide the chosen one to me…

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