A better way to simulate a pile of melting armadillos


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A better way to simulate a pile of melting armadillos

This is great and all, but why would anyone ever want to settle for just simulation?


Vapourized armadillo is a vector for airborne transmission of leprosy.


Easy fix, just regulate the temperature you’re melting at a bit more carefully, and filter properly. Of course, the armadillos in the video looked rather humanoid, so they may also have been modified to deal with the leprosy issue…

More seriously, I’ll definitely have to check out the paper to see if I can make heads or tails out of it.


It’s been awhile but I’ve enjoyed this one: “Efficient Yarn-based Cloth with Adaptive Contact Linearization” or better yet, a good way to simulate falling sweaters.


Apparently you’ve never smelled liquid armadillo…


We were so busy asking ourselves if we could simulate melting armadillos, we never asked whether we should simulate melting armadillos.


Are kinds of techniques being used for anything other than animated movies and games? I don’t see any comparisons to experiment, although it would be difficult for some of the more complicated ones.


I can see using it to simulate production methods for anything that requires pouring a viscous substance into a mold or over a surface, or simulating flow in a pipe or nozzle. It reminds me a bit of vibratory sorters, which are just this side of black magic.


Ah, makes sense. I’d still like to see some comparison to experiment, at least in simple cases. Maybe it’s being done, just not shown.


Misread as “yam-based”. Now disappointed.


Now we know who will receive the next Oscar for “Best Melting-Armadillo CGI effects in a Hollywood motion picture”.


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