What happens when you pour 1200ºF molten aluminum into an anthill?




What happens? Here’s Henry Mancini with the answer.

Dead ant, dead ant…

I’ll get my coat.


You kill many ants, that were minding their own business


Oh the humanity!


I wonder if the ants had a “safe” room that avoided destruction? Like that scene in Cryptonomicon where the workers were entombed in the mountain …,


You were never bit by a fire ant, were you? The little bastards had it coming. In comparison with what they deserve, they got off easy.


Dr. Tschinkel was my landlord when I was in college in the 80s. He would come over to work on the house we rented and as logs or stones were moved and ants would appear, he would reach down, snatch one up and pop it in his mouth. Apparently he could most easily identify various species by taste! He is an excellent scientist and Florida State is lucky to have him on the faculty. Great to see this old video demonstrating how scientists (and especially Dr. Tschinkel,) are often great makers as well!


You’d need for the anthill to be built in solid stone for that to work, not porous soil.



The concept is very cool, I’d love to see such castings compared to similar castings for rabbits and naked mole rats. But I’m more invested in casting an empty hole by that point…


Sorry, ants.


Time for Phase IV


Imagine stone-drilling ants. Now THAT would be a difficult pest to keep out of the house!

…brain, stop; no thriller movie script ideas…


I think this is a wonderful idea; we should fill all ant hills with moten aluminum immediately.


well, that was trippy.

According to this site, the film is usually distributed in truncated form, and it therefore unfairly maligned as a awful monster movie-- ripe for mst3k parody


I am afraid they’re able to build anthills faster then we can melt aluminium. Anthill gap we’re facing, anthill gap!


so, basically, Koyaanisqatsi meets Buckaroo Banzai.


Excellent film, one of my favorites of the 1970s. It was rumored to be an excuse for Saul Bass to indulge his love of entomological photography, while many reviews of the whole film refer to it as “2001 with Ants”. Mostly it is much slower paced than the trailer would lead one to assume. But those who like smart and suspenseful sci-fi might grok it.


No ants were harmed in the making of this artwork.


i’m sorry, but…

Why? …For SCIENCE!