Guy finds ant colony living behind his television screen. Any suggestions on how he can shoo them away?


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tune the TV to a station showing static*. The ants will think their colony has been overrun and will evacuate.

*nowadays you’d probably have to bring up a youtube video of static or something, grumble grumble.


Let the ants flourish and create the world’s biggest ant farm. It’d be better reality tv than half the shit on Hulu.


“Have you checked with the cable company sir?”


The ants in the set have created a fire hazard, he should either unplug it, take it apart and try to clean it the best he can or toss it out. I would rather toss it out and hire a guy to spray for ants around his house.


You’d need to make the TV less hospitable and another place nearby more hospitable.
Get a small tray and fill it with some loose dirt. Put sugar cube on the dirt and add some water to it. Place the tray next to the TX. Make a small sugar water trail from the tray to the TV. Put a warm but not hot light over the tray. Turn off the TV and wait.
Even if it doesn’t work, you haven’t damaged anything.


THIS. The ants didn’t move into the TV because it was homier than the outside. They moved in because it was homier than his HOME which is homier than the outside.

Dude needs an exterminator.


I don’t know about ants, but back when I lived in an apartment, the roaches used to love hanging out behind those wall wart transformers. It’s dark and warm back there. The telltale sign are the little black streaks of roach poo below the outlets.


They still have to leave the thing to find food, so if they like sweet, just put out some of that sugar + boric acid bait and kill them off. That usually toasts them in pretty short order for the little invaders we have.


How am I the first with this?


Does he want to “shoo them away” unharmed, or kill them?

Use diatomaceous earth.


Maybe not this…


There’s this process where they pour molten aluminum down the hole of an anthill…



Be sure. Nuke from space.


God, I love that film.


SOOO much.


The bright light theory sounds best After all you want them to LEAVE, not die in place.


I repeatedly had mice and ants take up residence in an old Brother laser printer. Neither caused any damage nor affected print quality. The first time I spooled it up after a long while I heard a scream and the mouse got stuck in the paper tray as the printer repeatedly tried to adjust the paper, or perhaps the mouse/kangaroo rat, was adjusting the paper. I just hosed out the paper tray and then kept it filled, and the printer off. Didn’t stop the ants, they liked the toner area. Messy cleanup. I loved that black and white printer.

At the time I was living in a national forest area.