A bit more nuanced in reality

Continuing the discussion from Trump praises mass-execution of Muslims with bullets dipped in pigs' blood:

To be fair they also built railways and telegraphs, largely destroyed Kali-worship (thuggee) thus making the roads safe, suppressed the Mahratta land pirates, and turned a load of warring principalities into what is today (thanks to Indian education and enterprise) still the biggest democracy on Earth in terms of participating voters. Britain still has strong trading and investment relationships with India, and intermarriage between Indian immigrants to the UK and white British is increasingly common (ask my family).
The British exploited India, but in order to do so they had to make a commercial success of it. In doing so they created an administration system out of chaos, an administration system that has lasted. Even Mark Twain, no friend to the British, commented favorably on some of what was achieved in India.

As an irrelevant aside, the most successful design of engine for motorcycles made in China is a modification of a basic Honda engine. The most successful motorcycle manufacturer in India has continued to develop the old British Royal Enfield Bullet, and exports some of them to the UK.


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