India Times article about how Brexit is trashing the UK's soft power standing


You may need to check the URL, as I only got an error page…

it’s fixed

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I agree with many of the points the article makes…

However, their government is current engaged in acts of violence against a religious minority in their own country, which is far outstripping the jingoism thus far in Brexit (which doesn’t excuse the softer xenophobia of the UK, which can easily turn to outright acts of bigotry and violence)… so… right now, no one seems to have the moral authority on issues like this. Even if yes, the religious divisions that make such issues possible are rooted in the colonial era. Modi made a choice to persecute the Muslim minority to retain power. He could have made different choices.

That’s a harsh but accurate assessment of the situation in the article. And one that the glib proponents of a brexitty “Global Britain” should heed, but won’t.

Now, does anyone want to take a guess: Will this new decade be the one that finally sees the end of the 300 year old empire?

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