Brexit wins: Britain votes to exit the European Union


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TOM THE DANCING BUG, in which Winnie the U.K. gets into a tight place

Congratulations Britain from the U.S.A… We have been watching the results while you were trying to sleep…This day June 24, 2016 is your Independence day!!!


Dammit… should have bought gold and shorted the pound.



I was seriously considering it. Only my ignorance of currency markets prevented me from doing it when it was only down 1%.


My excuse is that I haven’t been paying attention because work got out of hand. Yeah… totally not my lack of liquid capital.


Yep! Independence from a good economy and open borders ahoy! Freedom to have a recession!

Seriously, their currency just fell 8% in value in the last six hours and is continuing to fall.


Two half-asleep thoughts:

1-Throughout this whole campaign I have been surprised by the relatively 50/50 split of the leave/stay factions. I would have thought public opinion would have leaned more strongly one way or the other. It’s a rather monumental decision to be decided by a few percentage points.

2-This doesn’t bode well for the US’s upcoming election. The “Brexit” supporters seem to be of a similar mindset to Trump supporters. Lately there seems to be a global right-wing, nationalistic shift.

But I shall see what news tomorrow morning brings. And so to bed.


I’ve been refreshing the Google currency converter like a rat in a skinner box. It’s kind of horrifying.


Note to self as a new BBS user: Quit hyperventilating about an issue you know relatively nothing about and go to bed. Wake tomorrow and read remaining responses on this thread from such smart people. :slight_smile:


This is always an excellent idea. I’ve learned a lot that way myself. :smile:


Here, save your F5 key:


Either that or apparently get opinions on this issue from Lindsay Lohan. It’s kind of a toss up at this point.


The pound was worth $2 when I moved here. What is it now, $1.35?


That updates waaaay too slow. For people who want to hyperventilate in real-time (or if you live in the US, look forward to cheaper Scotch):


:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

$1.33, and was $1.50 about six hours ago.


yep, my thoughts exactly. despite the appearance of his imploding campaign, we shouldn’t get too complacent.


Mr Cameron said in the event of a Leave vote, he would activate Article 50 of the 2009 Lisbon Treaty without undue delay - setting in motion the process of withdrawing from the European Union. George Osborne has suggested this could happen within two weeks of a leave vote.

Once Article 50 is triggered, there is no way back into the EU unless by unanimous consent from all other member states.

From the BBC. Wow. Britain already had special treatment for being in the EU without adopting its currency. The second they invoke Article 50, it might be hard to get back in.

This could be permanent.


I can’t believe those Captain Euro comics were all for naught!