Brit who voted to leave EU immediately regrets it


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Why regret it? Finally free of the economic, regulatory and human burdens of the Continent, Britain can once again rise to be the economic powerhouse it was in the 1970s!


In a few years when there is a referendum to rejoin the EU, she can vote yes.


Trumpers calling for succession in 3,2…


Every so often, I really do feel like maybe democracy isn’t all it’s made out to be.

Like, I know communism gets a well-deserved bad wrap and all, but did we really give it a chance? Maybe, just maybe we could get it to work…




Methinks we are about to witness a social media movement…

Even here in crazy-ass 'Murica we wait more than 24 hours for national buyers remorse to set in. Show some discipline UKIP voters!!!



Don’t you mean “vote no, and then immediately regret it” ?


Oh and by the way thanks for fucking my 401k. In addition to the massive hit today 401ks are estimated to continue eroding as a result.

So, FUCK YOU! ignorant voter. If US voters are so fucking blind to the disastrous implications of Trump we are fucked …

…oh shit!


I’m not in the UK, but I sold all my funds yesterday (index funds) and went to cash just because I figured the market might drop but it probably won’t spike so maybe I’ll be able to re-buy my funds for cheaper today (the ones that will let me) or at worst I’ll lose a small amount of money.




Honest reaction? Fuck you, you stupid fucking fuck. Next time try to use what little intelligence you have before you make a life changing decision that impacts other people. Same sort of remorse as 'oh, I’ll never drive after drinking a bottle of wine again; sorry about the line of dead pensioners I mowed down this time around. Hey ho, what to do. ’


And cue the comedians. The material is endless with this.


Apparently Google searches for “EU” are spiking as Brits try to find out what it is.

And in other “news”, Fox thinks the UK is leaving the UN:


From 2015:
Retirement Crisis: The Great 401(k) Experiment Has Failed for Many Americans

Good luck