John Oliver on Brexit: the EU is the least-worst option, and racists support Leave


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Ok, I will just stick this here in case it last-minute persuades anyone.


The "Brexit"s remind of the people in the US South who want to leave the US due to…um…reasons. They think that if they go on their own, things will be so much better. But I read somewhere that if that happened, the new “country” (the old US South) would be one of the poorest in the world.

Long term logical thinking doesn’t seem to be the strong point of this group…


Captain Euro will save us!


Sure, but virtually all of those extra people are from the continent! Most of them aren’t British at all! And none of them even drive on the wrong side of the car!

Yes, but think of the money saved on wages. Plus, the Integrity of the Vote will be much simplified. And there’s no Lincoln this time to ruin it.
My point is, it will be a lot easier to Make America Great again without you Yankees.*


  • Trump/Wallace 2016!


Superb wording.


Well the reasons that are given for leaving the US usually make no sense.

I say we apply for a grant and retire to the nearest pub/bar for research!


And yes my grammar there is bad. It’s Monday, I don’t have to brain today!


This seems to be your answer for everything lately… as it should be.

See you at the pub/bar for the research!


Voting to leave means siding with a bunch of unsavory racists.

Voting to remain means the risk of watching the EU impose on the UK the kind of austerity that provoked the racist Greek backlash, with Golden Dawn’s numbers swelling.

Frankly I’d be more worried about the latter. It’s hard to avoid finding political views in common with contemptible racists, because you’ll find them on both sides on any issue that doesn’t involve depriving Other People of their dignity.


First round is on the grant provider!


Ah the austerity that is based on a Excel spreadsheet that had bad calculations.

Austerity is designed to make sure the rich get richer and everyone else gets screwed. But because it’s in the guise of ‘helping the economy’ it’s supposed to feel better…


The Tories don’t need any persuasion to implement Austerity.


Voting to remain means the risk of watching the EU impose on the UK the kind of austerity that provoked the racist Greek backlash, with Golden Dawn’s numbers swelling.

It doesn’t, because we don’t use the Euro.


I hope you’re right. But I would not bet on it.


How would that even work without the euro and without leverage via the bailouts?


On point as usual.

I find it HILARIOUS they are complaining about regulations. The UK is such a huge nanny state on it’s own. I recall on a bus trip to Stonehenge and the surrounding area that the bus driver was telling us (why, I am not sure, no one asked) that if he went over on his allotted driving hours, he would have to pull over to the side of the road and wait for a relief driver.


You Sir, are a genius.


Could’ve been how the service handled classifying his labor.


The South made the short sighted mistake of doubling down and investing their new found money into cotton. The problem was that cotton prices were going down. There were many other developing markets. Instead of taking that new found wealth and diversifying it, they just planted more cotton. They didn’t even have enough places to refine the cotton in to usable thread and cloth.

But the UK doesn’t even have something like cotton to prompt it to leave.

At the risk again of having the source poked at, this is a good over view of why the UK joined in the first place. Remember they were out side of the entity pre-EU and wanted into it.