Three minute explainer of the Brexit paradox


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The fox eats the grain and the goose flies to Iceland?


Don’t say “British Isles”, thanks!


The Brexit - the UK showing us rest-EU plebs how a real democracy works. Impressive so far …



“We’re fucked.”
2 minutes 58 seconds left.


So, there’s 2w to go - I expected to hear a lot more about this whole business (although to be fair US news is fairly anemic on global issues). Shouldn’t the UK be having some meetings, maybe start working overtime to figure this out?


What a stupid, pointless mess. Which is what you always get when a conservative establishment party accedes to the demands of xenophobic Know-Nothing bigots and ignoramuses.


Yeah, you’d think so…


“If I get some coffee, and wait for everyone to be asleep, well, three in the morning is when I get my best ideas. I’ll start writing my essay then, there’s plenty of time before 8 o’clock.”


Or, “If I keep going back with the same plan, they’ll cave and give me what I want.”
Which is the Annoying Child negotiation plan, and historically results in a slapping.

*Slapping real children is bad.


An agreement was made long ago

Long ago?? 1998! That’s not “long ago”! Lots of the same people are still around!



I read recently someone from the EU basically saying they aren’t that worried about the UK crashing out because it will be so awful that the UK will quickly be back at the table to concede to a reasonable deal.

And some of them are ready to start making bombs again!



Unfortunately, I think the hard Brexit folks think it will be so awful that Europe will make concessions.



If you wrote “is made up of” rather than “accedes to the demands of” then yes, this is what you get.


We have the veneer of national democracy (Government voted using obscure constituencies and a "first past the post/winner takes all nonsense) - and almost everything else - including the Prime Minister through appointments or family lines.

Because BREXIT has fractured the parties the system cannot cope - hence the mess we are in.

Our dear leader is making a late night dash to Strasbourg tonight - it’s expected to yield some kind of “breakthrough” - ie a fudge for the brexiteers in her own party.

What the country needs has long since been forgotten - this has been about the Conservative Party from day one - otherwise May would have formed a “Council of All The Talents” to gain consensus and move this dumpster fire forwards, probably yielding an EEA/EFTA kinda thing that would have probably worked.

Demographics will see to that - Rejoining will become an election topic. - image



And if you want a quick step into the detail, his other video is also good:

The most important thing to note is that all of these “red lines” or “dealbreakers” are self-imposed wants that May has largely just made up. None of them were on the ballot paper, the Norway solution would be complying with the result of the referendum (So would doing absolutely nothing, because the referendum was completely advisory), and we’re all heading towards no deal because of Westminster’s utter intransigence, incompetence, and hubris.

I’m almost thinking that if the UK does leave, it needs to be painful, just to get the message across that this was a really stupid idea, and that Westminster is fundamentally broken. However, the pain would fall on those least able to bear it, and (arguably) those least at fault.