British parliament rejects Prime Minister May's Brexit plan for third time

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I’m sure she’s already planning for the fourth try.


So she gets as many goddam tries to get her “deal” passed as she wants, but a second referendum is out of the question :interrobang:

I’m glad I am not a UK citizen.


I forget who recently pointed it out, but they’re right: the whole “mouths-as-eyes” thing has run its course. Retire this meme, please.


The UK government are making me question my insanity.


I dunno. This one is quite effective at capturing the true existential horror that is Theresa May.

Also you just encourage @beschizza when you tell him to stop.


Would you prefer ears?



I like the “peremptory sighing declaration” style of saying it is over. The next step is occasionally to report me to Cory.


Fine corinthian leather aside, just what do the numpties in the House of Commons think they can do differently with the EU? Right now it looks like a hard No Deal because the EU has no more interest in making it less painful to leave. Sure, there will be hardships for the other 28 in losing UK business, especially Ireland, but the French, the Germans and the Benelux are fed up. And as the closest neighbours, the other 20-odd states are following their lead.


Well, Easter is coming. . .but no, I’d just prefer some fresh material.


My my, I may have to resurrect the frothing-mad style of complaining then; I had believed that method best left buried after I weaned myself off Kotaku a decade ago.

I can’t comment on her performance, because I’m not really paying attention. But damn, she has the worst job in the world!


Normally, I’d be feeling the warm thrill of schadenfreude at this point.

But it’s hard to take pleasure in May’s richly-deserved embarrassment when you know that the only thing preventing them reaching agreement is that about half the MPs voting against are doing so because they’re living in some psychotic counterfactual reality where the EU will reward their intransigence by giving them everything they’ve ever wanted, plus a pony, provided they just Don’t Give In.

And knowing that the most likely outcome is a ruinous No-Deal Brexit, followed by asset-stripping of the Disunited Kingdom by neoliberal money managers, the whole affair presided over by some squamous monster from the No-Conscience Zone like Johnson or Rees-Mogg — the toxic cherry on the top of the whole shit sundae.

Brexit is going to happen, not because anyone sane still wants it, but because the fix is in. The decision was taken behind closed doors long ago, and the grinning ghouls who sit in the Commons would rather force through a policy that will cripple the nation for decades to come than risk the possibility that all the red-faced septuagenarian “Daily Mail”-reading buffoons who dragged us over this precipice might transfer their loyalties to the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fascism Party at the next election.

Fuck ‘em all, all those who brought us to this point. In a just world, there’d be a lamppost reserved for each and every one of them. In this world, I imagine they’ll get directorships and lucrative consultancy gigs with the corporate vultures gearing up to pick over the rubble for the choicest scraps.


Love your optimism.




They seem to be pegging their hopes on that whole “unilaterally dictating policy to other countries” thing that’s so useful for campaigning. So far as I can tell the alternative they’re offering is fighting it out to pass a bunch of amendments to May’s deal.

Of course not considering that such amendments hold no weight over the EU, and would need to be negotiated. And from what I’ve heard they’re all things the EU has already rejected.


If you do pay attention you’ll realize that she has the worst job in the world because:

  • Brexit is an unholy mess of an idea that only either a political genius or an idiot who didn’t understand the scope of what they were undertaking would agree to be a part of, let alone agree to be in charge of. And there honestly haven’t been that many political geniuses in the world.
  • The person who previously had the job ran quickly off-stage as soon as he realized he’d have to do it, which even if you’re an idiot you should recognize as a “bad sign” for taking the job on.
  • May is very, very, very bad at the PM job and only seems to hold onto it because there is literally no constituency for letting anyone else do it. Nobody really seems to like her having the position, but nobody else who wants the position has enough people supporting them to take it away from her (see the above comment on “political genius or idiot”).

Wait so she was saying she’d quit if they voted FOR it right? So she’s not quitting then? Damn.


Someone needs to have the guts to say Brexit sucks. Doesn’t matter how much you polish a turd (yeah I know mythbusters did it, ha) or which person presents it wearing a tuxedo on a silver platter it’s still a turd. Doesn’t matter if the person proposing it is a lord or a knight or a queen or a plumber it’s still stupid. Wasn’t it a “referendum”… as in a referral… not a legally binding mandate? Someone needs to have the guts to say yeah no that’s stupid.