Debullshitifying the Brexit numbers

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Sadly, no-one is making their decision based on rationality here. This is a tribal debate pure and simple. You can tell this, because there are clear “leaders” who are personally identified with the cause, and that none of the arguments are aimed at persuading people in the “other” tribe to change their mind, but to reassure the current members that their beliefs are true and right, through ridiculous exaggeration and caricature of the opposite side. And yes, both sides are guilty of it, although, as a good tribalist myself, I obviously think that one side is far worse than the other…


There is one more part to this series: Trade


If you don’t want to invest all that time, for an overview on why it would be good for the UK to stay in the EU, this may help.


One of the more concise arguments I’ve heard that sums up a lot is that a Brexit would be like trying to unscramble scrambled eggs.


Even Thunderf00t can’t be wrong all the time.


I fear my world is going to get a lot smaller on June 24.

And smaller still after it causes the breakup of the UK.

Still, once all the angry old white English people who are predominantly driving brexit die off, the country will be able to return, although probably on worse terms.

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You can’t unscramble them, per se, BUT, if you deconstruct them, you can use the resulting material to make an egg-shaped, egg-flavored thing that could still be quite delicious. Molecular Economy, as it were.

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Nice find Cory. I somehow think - given the Trumpist gymnastics truth & morality have been forced into during the EU campaign - that an Orwellian playing of these programs to all citizens (oops, subjects) may have done some good.

As a poor second best, I’ve quickly imported them into a playlist platform we’re launching so they can be enjoyed without fiddling on the device of your choice. Not fit sure if BBS supports embeds but here’s the link to the Adio Collections -

Cory - I used you text from the webpage in the main description. Can replace if that’s a problem.

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Good information has never been easier to access than today, which makes the apparent rise of deliberately ignorant, violent tribalism all the more alarming.


There’ll be a new generation of angry old white English people.


Why expect that access to fact and information makes for a better person?

His science videos, debunking videos, and anti-creationist videos are spot on.

The purse swinging with the SJW apparently gets him views, which equals money, which equals new toys.

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Sounds like a piece of garbage. It’s always funny how the “skeptic community” is filled with regressive pseudoskeptics.


Wow. They have wikis for everything these day. But yes, I am sure that site is completely unbiased and has nothing positive to say about him.

Anyway, as I said, his science, science debunking, and anti-creationist videos are spot on. His reasoning for the UK to remain in the EU seems sound.

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Terrible people can make use of good information.

I was talking about ignorance in the face of abundant high quality information.

Hey man, it’s an evolutionary fact that a given species will splinter into various sub types as conditions change.

It’s just funny to see someone who claims to be a “skeptic” have such glaring, hateful blind spots.


Whatever change is giving bullshitters an evolutionary advantage needs to get unchanged in a hurry!

To be fair, horrible information also has never been as easy to access as today, so the two balance themselves out… in the best scenario. In the worst scenario, people who were fed bullshit before now get extra shit-flavoured double-crap bullshit, making them even more intractable than they were.