A book about my favorite graphic designers, House Industries

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Not my favorite, but I do like their stuff. I have purchased some of their fonts back in the day. Enjoyed their font booklets.

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The problem for paper mills is that, like most manufacturers, they weren’t really equipped to deal with small orders at the factory. That’s why the outsource that detail to distributors. Even now, for a lot of manufacturers, when you’re ordering stuff from their websites, that web site is actually being maintained by a white-label 3rd party and fulfilled from a distributor’s warehouse.

It’s been some years, but back when I had to buy paper and printing, I never had much of a problem getting what I wanted from a distributor–I never really felt like buying direct from the mill was essential.

I used a near identical tape dispenser for 15 years at my first job. I think it might have cost $5. But hey, you hipsters go ahead and spend $460 so you don’t have to manually wet the tape glue.

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Seems like typically horridly overpriced “designer” stuff so maybe, like lawyers, they have no grasp of economy because they don’t need to look for genuine bargains since they get other people to pay through the nose and other orifices from what I see here.

$38 for three cardboard storage boxes? Really? I buy similar sized ones with out the cutesy printing for about a buck a piece.

Water soluble glue/tape is a bad idea anyway…ever see what happens when you get the tape wet later? Hint: It comes unglued. Makes it easy to get into such boxes, remove stuff and then make it look like they were never touched too…just takes a damp sponge and a bit of patience.

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