A bottle of vodka worth over one-million dollars was stolen from a Danish bar


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It wasn’t worth over a million. It was vodka. It was worth maybe $20, tops. Might be marketed for any sum, but it’s still friggin vodka.


but the bottle is made of both gold and silver, and for an added touch, the a cap is “encrusted with diamonds,” says BBC.

Yup, it’s the bottle.


“Did they 'ave shooters, guvnor?”


Oh, I see. So, a $999,980 bottle with some vodka in it.


Oh no, i’m so concerned over that bottle…


Million dollar scotch comes in a dusty old bottle from a long closed distillery. Million dollar vodka comes in a million dollar bottle.


Ain’t worth a million to me. I don’t even like vodka.


The culprit looks very familiar…


So, return the bottle filled with Stoli and it’s all good?


Barkeep dispirited by brazen theft.


Hum, that I don’t get. It is a neutral spirit. If you’d said you didn’t like hard liquor, that I would get.


I’m not sure I can say I like vodka, but I like to drink it. But I get the cheaper stuff-- Sobieski’s not bad.

And while I appreciate interesting bottles…



…a million dollar bottle is way too pricey for me. I don’t drink often enough to merit the fancy stuff. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d rather have a million dollars worth of regular vodka.

Then again, that might be a bad idea.


Just flip it for a profit.


But the bottle does look like a brass fire extinguisher with an eagle on top and eagles are awesome.


Somewhere I heard, “There’s no difference in taste between a $20 vodka and a $100 vodka. The hangover, on the other hand…”

Fortunately it sounds as though you’re not consuming enough for that to be a problem.


All the drunk and none of the flavor. No thanks.


I do think vodka has a taste to it, it isn’t pure ethanol and pure water after all. Flavor is generally downplayed and minimized but i think it’s a hugely important factor. I for one cannot stand vodka but i did get to drink the Crystal Head Vodka pictured on this thread, it’s not a flavored vodka but it has a subtle but distinct taste to it that was lovely and i quite enjoyed drinking it straight which was surprising to me.


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