Hotel in Belfast charges $41 for bottle of melted iceberg water


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Well, almost.


This has less in it than that does.


No doubt the “discerning customer” would regard laboratory-grade Millipore water as plebian and unrefined.

What if the restaurant purchased their own atomic absorption spectrometer and supplied each bottle with a freshly-printed analysis report, with the bill inflated appropriately? Maybe that would do it.


*may contain some bullshit


But really, do we know if it was fractional, pot distilled, copper column!? We need to know!!


Direct-from-the-Glacier water really is delicious, cold, and pure. It’s also got an interesting blue hue in the ice that I’ve never seen elsewhere.

Once you put it into a bottle, it loses that magic and just becomes expensive, bottled woo.


Hmmm…reminds me a great Bullshit episode from a while back. A water “somelier” filled up some water bottles with a garden hose and had restaurant patrons do a taste test of “different” waters. A great watch.


You use platinum, or at least pure silica. Copper leaches like crazy.


Could you imagine a four inch, nine foot platinum column!?


With ease. It’s a metal like any other, just more useful and WAY more expensive. In an ideal world, platinum and gold and silver would be cheap technological metals. (In an ideal world the geology would be appropriately different.)

…where’s the asteroid mining when we need it…

…why the moneychangers can’t find something else to speculate with? This itself could bring the cost down a bit.


Would rather pay for an $8 shot of Glenlivet scotch.


There was a Toronto Star article a few years ago about one of the folks doing this.The Canadian Who Bottles Icebergs I remember the President’s Choice Glacier Water, maybe it was just the marketing but while it was available it was my favourite bottled water. (Filtered from a tap is usually just as good, maybe usually that’s what it is.) It tasted great at $0.99CDN/L I’m not convinced the taste is worth $41USD. Sheesh.


Water may contain some traces of bear



Dearie me, you seriously thought a shot of Glenlivet at this hotel would be priced at $8? Oh, how droll!

(actually, you’re not far off. They don’t list Glenlivet, but a shot of Laphroaig 10 is only GBP5.35, or about $8.35 at current exchange rates)


One of the brands was the extremely classy “Eau du Robinet”, which is French for “tap water”.

“Bullshit” went to hell later on in its run, but the first couple of seasons were great.


They invented Perrier fifty years ago and we’ve been writing this same news story ever since. Yes, they put water in bottles. Yes, they charge money for it. I know it’s amazing.


“Tap, please.”


Anybody who wants to pay a premium for some melted comet water, hit me up.