SpinChill Portable Drink Chiller

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If you just want to get rid of twenty bucks, there are many good causes and charities.


I used to have a similar device, and I can tell you that these actually work very well. Stick the can on ice, let it spin, and in a minute it feels as cold as if it came right out of the refrigerator.


Or you could just put your cans/ bottles in the ice filled cooler since you’re having to lug it around anyway?


Considering the usage shown, you are better off letting the ice melt a bit and drinking the water.


Yes. I do not believe a single one of those supposedly carbonated drinks are genuine. Putting a whirlpool in a bottle of coke will always make it explode.

Convection cooling like this, by necessity, requires agitation, regardless of whether it’s a “smooth” whirlpool, or just shaking.

Also, I can’t believe people still drink bud light by choice. Does everyone suddenly have supertasting genes or something? Can’t handle anything stronger than milktoast and tap water?


That brings to mind–any may have been what you were thinking of–the joke about American beer being like sex in a canoe.


It’s a dad joke you tell when your kid turns 18. Even Monty Python did it. Monty Python didn’t do any jokes that were preempted. They did original material, a lot of which I didn’t find amusing. Even after taking a few classes in English History. So this seems relevant:

The Parrot Scene. This is a scene I didn’t find funny no matter how many people tried to describe it to me, after I watched it.

Has no-one heard of melting the ice with salt, turning it into a sub-0 (celsius) liquid?

Cans/bottles immersed in that would cool down even quicker, and with practically no chance of causing a soda explosion…


Is that a thing people do? I imagine disposal of the brine at the end of the day could be problematic. Repeatedly dumping salt water out on a lawn somewhere would be bad for the greenery. (Of course, you could always ask people not to do that, but hard-partying Bud Light drinkers do not strike me as the sort to heed such prodding.)


You tip and tip and tip, and ultimately are unsatisfied?


Way to spin a product.

The amount of agitation is very important. The fewer little bubbles and other nonhomogenities, the fewer big bubbles form. The bubble formation is an energetically more demanding process than growth of an existing bubble; in a homogeneous liquid you get big bubbles that disintegrate easily instead of a mass of small bubbles forming a foam. Slow smooth spinning will introduce fewer bubbles than shaking.

If you have a chest freezer you could always keep a coolbox full of brine in there, it’s not as if it’d go off or anything. Obviously you’d also be hauling that weight back home with you at the end of the day though.

It’s not something I’ve tried out and about, but it’s a technique I use when I need to cool a liquid down really low (comparatively) and keep it there while I do something with it.

Why would you want cold beer?


Save your $20, and just add salt to the ice. It will accomplish the same thing, doesn’t use batteries, and can cool multiple cans at the same time. However, this spin device will probably appeal to the same type of person who brings their own pepper mill to restaurants.


We use salt water coolers for already salty beaches.

Why oh why was my first thought “hey, I bet you could attach that to a covert fleshlight”



“…and spin!”

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I tell you what, if you don’t use enough lube then you’re gonna be circumcised … again.


These things work, my wife got one back in the 90s when we were first married, she was pissed at such a stupid gift, I loved it but it irritated her to no end every time I used it.
It really gets a can of coke down to fridge cold in about 60-90 sec.
I think it works by exposing the entire aluminium surface to the ice, spin pumping away the melt water for better ice contact, and gently swirling the coke, but I do know they work fast.