This portable cooler + beer tap turns cans of your favorite brew into frothy, freshly-poured bliss

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Even the picture shows a shitty pour.

The unit utilizes sound waves to get your beer flowing

Oooh… Add some DRM and I’ll buy two!


if I want an over-aerated beer foam explosion, I’ll just stick to violently shaking the can and then “shotgun” it.
anyone see much difference to the “sonic agitation” gimmick of their “sound wave foaming action” here?
(sorry abt all the scare quotes. IMHO they are deserved)


I don’t know a lot about beer, but does anyone really want a glass of foam? This seems like the equivalent of a device that will turn fruit into 100% rind.


Head on a beer is pleasant for textural reasons, and it does help get some stink freed up from cold liquid.

Whole glass of foam is not just not good, it’s wasteful and trashes the carbonation. A lot of effort and money is spent with regards to professional draft systems to minimize foam so you don’t get anymore than you intend to deliberately put on a beer.

These “pour draft from can/bottle” devices are gimmicks. You’re in no way shape or form getting draft beer. You’re mimicking the look of draft beer with big, overpriced contraption. Given that most of them look impossible to clean you’re probably going to give yourself the shits too.

Getting a decent head out of a can or bottle is insanely simple, and just requires pouring it into the glass properly. I’ve taught people to do it in less than 3 minutes.


won’t work with Guinness… no thanks.


Or you can buy $79.99 worth of beer and… drum roll… pour them yourself, in a manner that gives you the exact head you want

I mean this is the stupidest beer related thing I’ve ever seen. This is taking our irrational love affair with beer-from-a-tap to cargo-cult levels:



Same idea. That sort of machine, along with these and other systems, exist for concession or self service situations to absolutely minimize spillage. You’d be shocked how much money even a small bar can lose to excess foam poured down drains in a month. Add any amount of unskilled pouring or public use, or even just the REDICULOUS amount of beer that something like a stadium pours and the numbers get shocking. I’ve heard of stadiums saving tens of thousand a week after modernizing their draft systems.

Down side is these things only tend to cope well with standard size pours of standard macro lagers, and tend to be proprietary as fuck. Only feeding from special tanks or kegs from a specific brewery or only working with expense specialized glassware. It is worth it if sales volume is high enough or in very specific business models (self serve bars are weirdly a thing and this shit is big there).


I wonder if BB gets paid on page views on theses, so they are going for the stupidest things so we all look and comment on how stupid said thing is. $$$CHACHING$$

Or maybe all the stuff from stack commerce is stupid skymall crap


Here. Now give me $119. I don’t do discounts.



They are extremely fun to watch, though. I encountered some self-serve ones in the Narita airport.

I’ve also encountered that bottoms-up system… it was fun, until my habit of absent-mindedly fidgeting with whatever’s in my hands backfired when I pressed too hard on the magnet and dumped my entire beer into my lap!


Opening a whole six pack of beer to get one glass sounds like the perfect way to get flat beer.


It’s a shame that beer can’t just be drunk straight from the can, all this pouring and tapping seems like a waste of valuable inebriation time.


A gift for the beer drinker you just need to get… something.

(Psst: Get them beer)


Looks easy to clean too, because nothing I want more to do right after having a few beers with friends, is roll up my sleeves and sanitize a mini beer system.


I read this at first glance as turning beer “into frothy, freshly-poured piss”.


I hope this abomination goes away faster than Juicero did.

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The Czechs?


I encountered this in Germany too. Not quite as bad as in the picture, but maybe 1/4 beer. Madness.