A brief oral history of classic point-and-click adventure The Dagger of Amon Ra


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I have fond memories of renting the PC CD-ROM of this game. Weirdly in the days before CDRW drives were common they used to let you do that. My brother and I discovered that if you turned the voice track off you could play the entire game without putting the CD in the drive, so we kept playing after we returned the disc. Don’t think we ever solved the complete mystery, though.


what in the nine fucks


The best thing about these old adventure games is they cost about 5 bucks on Steam now. Assuming they were ever converted for Steam-ability, of course…


“The Dagger of Amon Ra”, another one on my lengthy list of “When I Get Around To It” games. I came across it during my Leisure Suit Larry days, but never did play it. I seem to recall Sierra going to crap shortly after this gem was released too.


GOG did a lot of the hard work years ago, getting them to work in DOSBox or ScummVM.


I’m very fond of Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and its sequel (unreleased in North America) for the Nintendo DS, which attempt a similar thing with scheduled plotlines. If there’s a downside, it’s that in shaving off the clumsier aspects of such gameplay, they’re practically reduced to on-rails visual novels – but they’re very attractive and immersive novels.

Another game in this vein worth mentioning would be The Last Express, from the creator of Prince of Persia. I never got around to playing that one either, but at least it’s on GOG and Steam now.


Singleton’s games were often like that. Brilliant ideas combined with a confusing interface and mechanics. What was fascinating about them is that he was trying to have games with emergent behaviors rather than scripted events – which we still haven’t quite managed, but he was trying it on 8-bit and 16-bit computers with minuscule amounts of CPU power and RAM, making it even harder.


For a recent murder mystery adventure game with a few added mechanics (time travel, powers based upon masks) I can’t recommend http://store.steampowered.com/app/552590/The_Sexy_Brutale/ more. Recently watched a friend livestream it and it was very entertaining.


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