Stranger Things as a Lucasarts-style adventure game

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That video needs a trigger warning for any geek over the age of 40.


Major confession: I don’t think I ever finished a game like that.

I’m all for a video game based on the series, either from the point of view from various characters we know or from the point of view from new/other characters. Especially as an adventure game, it would definitely benefit from the slower pace and exploration.

I only finished a couple. The Dig, several of the Monkey Island series, but there’s loads of point and click adventure games that i never finished. Still have lots of fond memories playing them though.


How is this not a real game? I would totally play this.


Can I shill Thimbleweed Park for y’all, then? :wink:


Oh wow, that sound of a 5.25" drive grinding away! Too real.


I think I finished:

Monkey Island 1-3
The Dig
Legend of Kyrandia 1-3
Innocent Until Caught
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
The Longest Journey + Dreamfall
Sam & Max seasons 1 and 2

And I have played a similar number which I haven’t finished.

If I had to recommend just one, it’d be Fate of Atlantis

I’d recommend The Dig and the Monkey Island series. Simon The Sorcerer was pretty good too and i’m fond of the humor in some of the Space Quest games but the difficulty in those is ridiculous.


No joke, RE: space quest. I recall helping a friend figure out a puzzle which requires spelling out names of pastas with periodic element symbols.

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And don’t forget the classics Maniac Mansion and Curse of the Tentacle.

I only played the first one, much to my shame. At the time when the game was out our f amily PC wasn’t all that good, and by the time it was i was playing other things. I have the game on my PS4, got it for free for having PS Plus but i havent gotten around to playing it

All due respect, but it’s a Sierra-style game.

Some companies definitely made of Sierra for their game design choices…

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