A bright solar powered light for outdoor walls


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No “lumens” information? That tells you how bright it actually is.


I went to look up the company and all I could find was links to buy one from various sources but no manufacturer.

That can’t be a good sign.

I did find a review for the smaller 8 LED version that had this:
Off Off
1 Constant medium (50-60lm)
2 Standby Low (10lm) / High (150-170lm)*
3 Standby Off / High (150-170lm)*

I like how undshielded it is so anyone approaching gets to shield their eyes with their hand making it look like they’re saluting your house as they approach it. #not4me


What does it look like on the inside?


I’m glad you asked!


Nice photo of the PCB. Looks like a high quality design.

I am pleasantly surprised to see a lithium ion cell in there, but I guess that’s the way the world is heading. (I first looked up the DW03D chip to find that it’s a li-ion controller, before going to the image source page and seeing the 14500 cell shown.)


That’s weird. BoingBoing advertising something I might actually buy?


I guess the real question is how long will it last?


Alas, the two places where I could really used this are both shaded from the sun.


I bought one of these a little while back (it’s got a different name on the front but there are a few that look identical) but haven’t got around to putting it up yet. I turned it on indoors and it looked pretty bright though, and the reviews on Amazon were very good.

Note: this comment would have been more useful had I actually installed it :neutral_face:


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