A Canadian podcast reveals everything wrong with the Trump administration's migrant baby adoption policy

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Many of these adoption agencies are of course Christian organizations, who genuinely believe themselves to be acting from a compassionate, altruistic pro-life perspective.

Friend of mine in Oklahoma once worked on a legal situation where a “Christian missionary” had adopted a child from overseas, then gone on to sex-traffic that child. I have to say: when the only children these Bible-thumpers want to help are untraceable children they think no-one will miss, I question their motives and worry intensely about those children.


The U.S. has uniquely barbarous laws regarding adoption. These laws began with Georgia Tann, who kidnapped babies in Appalachia (white, blue-eyed babies with moms who were too poor and uneducated to realize what was being done to them and fight back). She bribed everyone to get laws set up so that children lose all their original documentation and thus can disappear forever into a new identity as adoptees elsewhere. (Joan Crawford’s twins were Tann babies, as were a lot of other Hollywood types.)

These 69,000 are only the latest kidnap victims under these laws.


From what I understand, all of Crawford’s adopted kids were ‘black market babies’; because the state of CA found her “unfit” for legal adoption through the usual state channels.


Yes, you’re absolutely right, but only the twins were from Tann specifically.



I am getting cold chills reading this thread, and it’s just started.

What the actual fuck.

this administration is one step away from selling the infants to pedophile rings to pay for the border wall.

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