A Canadian teenager used America's militarized police to terrorize dozens of women gamers for years

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Is this guy now incarcerated?


Yes but only as a juvenile, he is scheduled to be released this coming March when he turns 18.


Will he have learned anything? Probably not.


At least once he’s eighteen, if he does this again he can be incarcerated as an adult. And the jackass will do it again because he has no reason not to.


This is so infuriating, I find myself imagining all kinds of felonies.


Once he’s out and an adult, I trust folks will have no problem in doxing this little asshole.


I’d rather they didn’t, I don’t want to give the little shit any opportunity to play the victim.


I hope that as a condition of release when he’s 18 that he has probation conditions. That he can’t have access to the Internet- nor make international calls. Specific access to phones - With his probation officer automatically notified of any 911 calls he makes. And an ankle tracker in case he tries to make up for his lack of access with real time notifications to his victims if he gets within 20 miles.

Maybe when he’s 25 or so be allowed some sort of monitored internet access.


I misread that as incinerated, and that had me very hopeful for a minute.


fuckin Canadians amirite?


My daughter streams on Twitch, and this is the sort of thing that terrifies me.


My brother streams on Twitch as well. There’s precautions you can take, but you still are always putting yourself at risk.

It’s basically an exercise in information hygiene, which can be difficult, but not impossible. Doing things like not giving out email addresses, using the streaming proxy when you upload to Twitch, changing your streaming key on a regular basis, not talking about where you are too specifically, that kind of thing.

I’m in no way victim blaming. That Obnoxious kid is an asshole, and he should be haunted by what he’s done. But at least while people are still getting swatted, and the police aren’t doing anything it is worthwhile to get into some good habits when it comes to information, even though it shouldn’t be necessary.


There is a streaming key? Is that like an oauth token?


I don’t know the full details, but you have to cryptographically authenticate Open Broadcast Software with the twitch server when you bring your stream up online. The key is, as far as I know, symmetric between the client and the server, and the key is about the same length as SHA256. Your key is associated with your twitch channel and user account, and you can arbitrarily generate a new key on your Twitch dashboard.

I believe after that, you just copy and paste that key into a field in your OBS settings, along with your Twitch login credentials.


Do you suppose Canada would extradite him?


Huh. I was recently asked to do, “security testing on APIs”. My response was, LOL. So I’ll take what I can get :smile:


I have a friend on Twitch, who we call him “cactus” because on the channel he works for now, the streamer mispronounced his screen name. Anyway, he’s a Norwegian kid who is a damn fine coder, and would do a much better job explaining how the Twitch API works than I can.


Ugh. Difficult situation. Extraditing children is not something Canada is likely to do.

On the other hand, the child seems to be a textbook psychopath, and is almost (but not absolutely) certain to re-offend in the future, although whether by swatting or by quite possibly more direct violence is uncertain.

Still, what can one do? Imprison children indefinitely?

There’s no good solution except to hope they can nab him quickly if he re-offends as an adult. Even so, it’s terribly likely he will do a lot more harm before he’s stopped. This is the down side to not being willing to imprison children and throw away the key. I approve of the policy, but there’s no denying its cost.


The New York Times Magazine’s story on Obnoxious and swatting is an excellent piece and it focuses rightly on the systemic misogyny that plagues women online, but it lacks sufficient depth on this question: why are America’s cops so well-armed and short-fused?

Yeah OK. But be fair, in journalism you do one story at a time. An article that tries to explain doxxing, swatting, and the military industrial complex to the layman all at once is going to be a bad article.