A capella version of Rammstein's Du Hast

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I was CERTAIN I had seen this here before (because if not here, where else would I have possibly seen it?)… But nope, it would appear that I did not. So where the everloving heck DID I see it before?

Though searching through the BB archives DID bring me to this adorable cover posted here back in 2012:


I think it’s telling that the audience had no idea what they were hearing until the lead vocalist started. IOW he basically had to announce the name of the song for them to appreciate and applaude.

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I like the word play in the song, which isn’t readily apparent if you don’t know German. The first time I heard the song I was chuckling.


Its a week for fun covers!
I saw this on FB earlier.

Ok that was pretty damn good.

Not my thing. I do enjoy the delightful ridiculousness of covers by Rammstein.

or maybe this …


“Heather says it sounds vaguely like something from Spongebob Squarepants.” It reminds me of Strongbad: https://youtu.be/ILVfzx5Pe-A


Gloriously silly and great fun but I don’t think they should give up the day job! :smile:

Listened to the version from Volkerball (Live in Nimes) straight after.

The audience participation and changes of pace and loudness make it into a real piece of affecting music instead of the bubblegum delivered by Viva Vox. I expected more from Viva Vox.


Captures the spirit of the original much better than Viva Vox did with Du Hast.

Also decent is the Gregorian Chant version of Engel


jackhammer jill seems to have been expressly designed for this song.

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Me likee, but as a former choir member, I do not think highly of the movement during performance. STAND STILL! You just don’t look like you’re taking it seriously.

These people. I like them.

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