A Cat's Guide To Taking Care Of Your Human


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…four times the price.

Not a cat person, are we?

It’s quite possible to like your cat while still knowing that your cat hates you.

Another video from the perspective of a cat narrated by Ze Frank. (possibly nsfw language)


I’m sure there are some cats who hate humans (probably with good reason). It does not follow that they all do. Declaring that all cats are furry little sociopaths is just another way of anthropomorphizing them.


Cat’s don’t hate humans, it’s closer to disdain.

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OT, but isn’t this the same guy who did the narration for “The Mantis”?

Did Purina pay you to place this ad?


Ze Frank does no wrong.

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The cultural significance of this ad, coupled with the dulcet tones and whimsical stylings of Ze Frank, mean it transcends the phase space of undesirable meme-plexity.


If your cat ‘hates’ or ‘disdains’ you, you’re the problem, not your cat. Our cats follow us around constantly, are unfailingly waiting excitedly just inside the door when we get home, and miss no opportunity to sit on our laps.


Funny you should say that! I was just about to write here that the voice in the Purina commercial sounds to me like Son of Ze Frank and Morgan Freeman.

Is it actually Ze Frank in the Purina ad?

Cute. Ze Frank doing his Morgan Freeman “True Facts About ____”, It’s a shame (to me) that it’s in the form of an Ad because I HATE Ads no matter how cute the content.

Science tells us that the only emotion that cats feel is contempt:

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Definitely Ze Frank. As @Capnmarrrrk mentions, it’s the same voice he uses for his True Facts videos. I’m not entirely sure about this, but I think his first True Facts video was about Morgan Freeman.

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