A club for people whose relatives had them​ declared dead in order to steal their land

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It seems like it would have been a hell of a lot easier to just kill the cousins off somehow (poison the well? cow stampede?) and re-inherit the land in a son’s name.

Rash, I know, but if you already know they’ve got it in for you…


I’ve always thought the Crying Freeman solution to distributed responsibility was the best.

You stab the guy you are dealing with in the heart. Not enough to kill him, just enough to make him fear for his life and go back to his boss to refuse to interact with such a dangerous person again. You, Crying Freeman, have, in the meantime, followed him to his boss’ location.

You now stab the boss in the heart, not enough to kill him, just enough to make him fear for his life and report to his boss about the difficulties in doing the assigned job.

Now you have an indication of who to go to and almost stab through the heart next.

It’s a simple system but it works.


These kinds of situations seem hilarious when they happen to someone else, not as much when the audience of the joke has been involved in such a thing.

I remember having to shut down the various active accounts that my father held while he was alive, and it was more than a little spooky doing so, since we have the same name. There was something kafka-esque in the way these accounts maintained their own existence and generated their own activity despite belonging to a dead man.

That weird interaction between legal persons who are immortal and human persons who are not, does seem like the perfect opportunity for fraud. It’s the sort of crime that hasn’t been formally recognized yet, and that an immortal person is unlikely to care much about.


The easiest way: have Alec Guinness play all of your cousins.


How do you “Stab someone in the heart but not enough to kill them?!”

Never mind, I don’t want to know. I’m probably already on a watchlist just for asking.


Member Emeritus: Bilbo Baggins

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So did he ever get his land back?


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Plus, being dead is a pretty solid alibi, so the risk of prosecution should be reduced.


As a middle caste Hindu, I wonder if he was ‘reborn’ to a higher caste. Now that’s how you work the system!

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Thanksgiving dinner must have been awkward that year.

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