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And finally, sample 4. You may recognize this one:

Unpublished. Well, _was_ unpublished.

My god, I feel like I just came out.


I’ll drink to that. I was so into Sprung, but then I looked up the existing http://www.sprung.com/. They make really big tents.

Hey, I got one. You know how the Gaelic name-prefix “Mac” means essentially “son of,” right?

Howzabout we call the blog “Gerald”?

Once again, the .com domain is already taken by some bland corporate entity, but I like the oblique reference to the “parent” of this blog, especially if Gerald is the only reference to it.


I just googled ‘whale milk’ and apparently no one has used this phrase as a handle, collective moniker, or brand. (Though somebody is squatting whalemilk.com. FSM only knows why.)

whale-milk.[com, net, org], however, are available.

If that’s too absurdist for y’alls, there’s also da-da-da-da.[com, net, org], all of which are available. Yeah, I know. Hyphens suck.

Okay, okay, here’s a more reasonable one: Brain Ping. The .com domain is squatted, but .net and .org are available, no hyphens required.


Sounds too Dadaist



The name silently suggests the dopamine that will surge in visitor’s heads as they read all these interesting articles spanning a multitude of interests and perspectives encompassing life, the universe, and EVERYTHING, MAN, it’s like a hive of gloriously dissimilar yet scintillating minds shining light on things no one has ever THOUGHT ABOUT or SEEN, I mean, there’s still, like, tech reviews and stuff but that’s like the cherry on top of the collectively polymathic sundae covered in hot fudge and unicorn sprinkles, and speaking of unicorns, William Holz just published an article about MAKING UNICORNS REAL I mean it’s not like proven or anything yet but he explains how it’s possible and it makes you wonder, my god, the future, the future, it’s so BRIGHT we’re gonna need new pupils.

Something like that.

.com, .net, and .org domains are available.


Paging @Snowlark! Please make your way to the “Making, Crafting, Creating… aka Whatcha workin’ on?” thread, for we wish to see more of your amazing art.


So here’s a thought for a name, since it’s something that “springs from BoingBoing” I started thinking about springs and oscillations. If you’ve studied physics or music then you know that a spring vibrates at various frequencies based on a fundamental frequency.

A lot of people have hinted at wanting to carry over a certain “essential” spirit or ideal from this forum. I think we’re interested in talking about things in a grounded, intelligent way.

TheFundamental.net is available.


I prefer one-word names. This makes an excellent case for why. Dig it.

I thought you were going with resonant.com then.


That still happens on Oppo? Cause on ODeck it’s dead. I thought Gawker main had shut it down after that bad plagiarism case.

I’ve been poking around on Medium.com and it looks really nice. How do you like it? Have you tried any of the publishing features meant for a publication of one owner-several editors-several writers?

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It’s pretty well put together for something free to use. I’ve fiddled some with the multi-person blogs (you’ll notice a couple of other people’s articles in mine) and they’re pretty easy to work with. The article gets moved into the publication (it can only be in one), but you can always duplicate them, and they keep adding features.

It has a good import feature too, so it’d be pretty easy to have your own feed or have a publication with a few other people and cross post articles once they set up the collective blog. In fact that might be a great way to spread the word and collect people.

Their big weakness is their commenting components, it’s really not natural to have small group or private conversations with anyone, and each post is treated like an article even if you’re just saying ‘I agree’. The stats are also kind of ‘meh’, and there are limits to what you can embed (I’m excited about slack or whatever gets decided for the main blog so I can embed Tableau visualizations directly in an article!).

@nemomen and I were already plotting to make a little critters one (with ‘awww’ and ‘weird’ articles themed. Princess Pricklepants is adorable, and I’ve got lots of weird stuff!) while things spin up… we’re stuck on figuring out a name too (that’s totally the hardest part, isn’t it?)

Then we can practice a bit, too. I’ve been kind of train-of-thoughting all my articles, and it’s nice to have the motivation to raise the quality bar for the community blog!


Related to this, if we went the Medium route, @William_Holz and I already both have content up there, so it’d be easy to hit the ground with content ready to go. For writing/editing it’s basically the equivalent of Wordpress, it’s got the ability to surprisingly seamlessly import content, I second that stats. are meh, and comments/forums are sub-meh.

Still got nothing on names.

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The Phylactery.


A D&D name origin would win happiness points for me.


Can someone sum up where exactly we are with this initiative?

Good idea, I’ll try the import feature. I was planning on abandoning my wordpress blog anyway, for all of the reasons mentioned about by whoever it was who hates wordpress.

If no one else grabs this, I’ll do it when I get back from the hardware store.

Best I can tell:

Name TBD.

Platform is Ghost or Medium.


Major positions have been filled.

Some minor consensus on editing.


I think that’s the nutshell.


I still like Sproing!