Making, Crafting, Creating... aka Whatcha workin' on?

I know many of you mutants like to spend time making stuff, so how’s about a little show and tell?

All I have time for right now is what I like to call “TV projects”: basically, stuff I don’t have to pay too much attention to, that I can work on while the TV’s playing. I’m doing some free-form embroidery on a shirt:

The other project is a knit kitchen towel:

And you?


I have been so lax at anything of that sort lately.
I have a bunch of minis really need to get to painting.


I’ve been working on my desk for about 3 years. I kinda hope I’ll still be working on it in 10 years time.

A friend is going to teach me how to make wire trees soon. I’m rather excited about that.


My current project I’m working on: a 40 year old fiberglass sailboat that the previous owner didn’t want anymore. Looks pretty, but there is pretty much nothing right with it. Seriously, about the best thing that can be said for it is “it floats.”


Are you locked into having to spend a lot for specific materials to fix the boat or will you be able to build your own sea-worthy fixes? And where do you puke from–I’m already seasick.

As for myself…


nice money pit there. should be fun after awhile.


[quote=“wrecksdart, post:5, topic:67869, full:true”]
Are you locked into having to spend a lot for specific materials to fix the boat or will you be able to build your own sea-worthy fixes? [/quote]

Some specific stuff is fairly expensive. Anything that comes from the manufacturer is marked up by like 1000%. And hiring others to service it is crazy pricy. That said, this thing needs a ton of work. The hull and standing rigging are in good shape, but that’s about it. I ordered a bunch of lines (you landlubbers call them “ropes”) and I’m looking around for used sails right now.

Anywhere over the side will do. :slight_smile: But you won’t get sick on this boat-- it’s going to be quite a while before it can even leave the slip. Both sails are blown out, and of the inboard and outboard motors (yes it has both) neither works.


Yup. I take it you know the saying about a boat being a hole in the water into which you throw money. I had a similar boat (same manufacturer, same model, different year) about five years ago and I managed to flip it for a slight profit. This one’s more of a marina queen, but I do plan to do the same with this one. In the meantime it’s really nice having a condo on the water. :smile:


Are you operating on a timeline to get her back into shape, or is this like a house, where you fix one or two things, then kick back on the deck with a tall, cold one and admire the view?


I like it! Is that all done in sharpie marker?


That’s pretty much how I approach any of my hobby projects. Indeed, some kicking back with a tall cold one while discussing the project plan has already happened. Ummm, several times. And more planning is needed. :smile:


well, i need to finish my office/doghouse. more insulation is needed behind one wall, the ceiling needs painted, i need to figure out a tricky part of the ceiling, install real lighting, fix the siding i had to cut when i installed the new window, weatherstrip the outside door, and do all the moldings.

then i need to source a slightly rare breaker in the house panel so i can bump up the amperage out here (i have 30, kinda want 40, the wire from the house will support it). then i can install a small heat pump/ac (probably a minisplit), get a fridge, a futon, and there we have it.

oh, and i forgot, i need to finish the bracing for the exposed ceiling beams. 2x6’s were used instead of 2x8’s, and i don’t like how they flex. so i’ve been cutting angled cross supports that look nice, but since this is an old building every. one. is different.


Permanent maker, I do use some sharpies but mostly the bic markers.


Working on an album of electronic music – my 16th so far. I decided early in the month that, instead of waiting for NaSoAlMo (National Solo Album Month) like I have a few times before, I’d just jump in and do an “OctoAlMo.”

I gave myself a few arbitrary rules meant to force me to work a bit differently and it hasn’t gone completely smoothly, but it’s been an education. Currently I have about 31 minutes done (the minimum for NaSoAlMo is 29:09) and a couple minutes of the next track, which still needs a bit of work.

Usually in this sort of project I can get a track done every two weekdays, and one per day on weekends. I haven’t been keeping up that pace, decided to do this a few days after the month had already begun, and some family stuff is going to interfere this weekend. But I’ll still be able to say I finished, at the end of the month, even if it’s not the greatest thing I’ve ever done.

I figure for 2016 instead of slacking off most of the time and then going into a frenzy, I will set a pace of one track per week.


Can I listen to it? I love music.


My latest oil painting.

edit: I appreciate the likes! Thank you!
If anyone’s interested, my Instagram handle is kellyhicksscreenkiss.
Admittedly, my portfolio is a little lacking in quantity, but I’m trying to add to it as quickly as possible while still trying to increase the quality. Hoping some online print sales will keep me in survival mode…any “follows and shares” would be most appreciated.
I’ve started one today I hope to finish by Halloween. A very lonesome and somber piece that fits right into the mood of the season. A house on the corner, dimly lit by a lone streetlight shining over the intersection. In the background, there’s a bank of inky black trees silhouetted against the midnight sky.



Nice ample fryer.


You know the definition of a sailboat, right? A hole in the water into which you pour money!

All kidding aside, I have friends with what looks to be a very similar boat. It’s given them so many years of fun, for not that much money, really. Especially if you compare what they might spend on some other endeavor instead.


Guess I should have read further into the thread, huh? :blush: