Toilet designed to be uncomfortable to sit on, aimed at boosting employee productivity

Save £4 billion per annum and lose £8 billion per annum in increased vandalism!


The pooper at my place of employ, I’d say it would likely fit a human that is under 5 feet tall and possibly like less than a 100 lbs.

We have a new contender for the worst toilet in Scotland.


Re the adjustable toilet (step) stool: Assuming that squatting (knees drawn up to the chest) promotes ‘better’ bowel movement, I’d think it’d be cheaper to simply have one’s chest drawn down to the knees sans the adjustable toilet stool. In other words… just bend over as far as you can while seated.


Made of solid wood. But small so it’s flushable.


I look forward to seeing the design.


There is a bit of truth and a bit of BS in that diagram. You can just bend over while you are sitting. You don’t necessarily have to elevate the legs.

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Of course.

On the benefit of squatting, (knees to chest, with or without the step stool) there are studies out there (quite Googlable) supporting to one degree or another the benefit re addressing constipation and other “posotional” (my word) BM related issues.

I suspect the rationale is: We’ve paid for your time, to work for us and be productive. Extra/excess time spent sitting on a shitter is non-productive time. We are not paying you to shit, but to do the job we employed you to do. The time you send not doing that job is therefore costing us money.

ETA that’s their rationale, not mine.

Admiral Hyman Rickover was known to do this – and lots of other stuff to make his interviewees physically and mentally uncomfortable. He’d also conduct interviews of first time interviewees in the morning (or maybe afternoon) and have it so the sun would shine right in their faces.

Also: A bad employee will find plenty of ways to waste time, a good employee who needs to take a prolonged crap is probably well aware that she’s got to get back to it but that, on balance, a few extra minutes on the hopper makes sense.


I’m sure that’s their rationale, but it’s disingenuous in the extreme (not that you were saying it wasn’t). The fact that people have to excrete waste (and that you’d usually rather they didn’t do so while working) has been part of hiring workers who work by the hour or the day since people first came up with the idea of hiring workers by the hours or the day.

It makes me think of Vader’s, “I have altered our deal, pray I don’t alter it further.”


This mentality that making life for employees in any way more reflective of treating them like robots or cattle where nothing done with comfort in mind for them is the first thing that makes me skip an otherwise good offer to work for someone.

I hope these things come with proprietary everything so that whoever uses these has to pay out the ass for foisting these on their employees.

I can imagine any place these are installed immediately signaling to their workers that their workers are not valued enough to take a normal dump, and will quickly see their workforce leave. This is so unhumanistically petty and skinflinty


Depends on if it was installed properly. I can confidently say that [RedactedCo’s] office won’t be getting one for the men’s room- the sole toilet for the 30+ men in the office works (for the moment), and a proposal to replace the urinal with a second toilet was denied on the grounds of ADA compliance, never mind that the existing toilet stall is ADA compliant. (either that, or it’s too close to the sink, or some other load of bovine excrement)


In looking at the actual website for this abomination ( they are also pitching it as a health item for the same reasons that the squatty potty claimed it’s 15 minutes a year or so ago.

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I’m pretty good at kicking and stomping. I doubt this thing could hold up to a focused attack. The porcelain itself will give out at some point.


This. If my workplace installed one of these, I’m putting my shoes on the seat, and doing the “Asian pooping squat”, and not caring about the angle because I have ankles.

Screw any complaints about footprints on the seat.

But I have to wonder if this is even really necessary. When I worked in a large office building, the last thing you wanted to do was to spend any extra time in a bathroom. I have seen literal shit on the floor, a neatly curated pile of fingernails (or maybe toenails) more than once, fast food wrappers (seriously, people are eating in here?) among other horrors. Oh yeah, and once one of the guys from Sales peeing at a urinal with his pants around his knees, and bare butt to the wind. Pretty sure that the “water” in his desk water bottle, wasn’t.


I just sit down if I’m drunk. No accounting for taste, I suppose.


Oh, it wouldn’t. Give me ten minutes with a 20 oz framing hammer, a distinct disregard for the poor bastard that will have to clean it up, and a direct escape route and it’ll go down. (or possibly less time with a small 5 lb sledge…)

I dunno about more humane, but guillotines do seem much more efficient than other common execution methods of the time.