William Shatner "filled with dread and anticipation" about upcoming mototrike journey

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84 and still kicking ass, I love the Shatner!


Oh man, the Ambiguously Gay Duo is going to have a field-day suing for copyright infringement.


May I put forward a simple solution to relieve Shatner’s dread*?.. bring along a red-shirt.

*Shatner’s Dread is the name of my new dub-metal band.


[quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:60211”]Shatner says he isn’t quite sure why he’s doing this, other than for the sheer fun of it.[/quote]Certainly kickbacks from Landjet have nothing to do with it.

Eight day trip? 84 years old?

I bet for seven of them, the left turn signal will be blinking.


Pray for the Wildcats!

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@frauenfelder - if I promise to ride my project bike across country, and say I feel nervous, do I get a plug? Its a bit more realized than that thing, as in I’ve actually been welding and cutting metal parts (at my local make space, no less) for a couple years now. Would be done in time for my own “summer 2015” trip, but I only work on it Saturdays, and don’t have any computer plans to work of (all in my head, and manually milled).

@jlw - since you apparently disabled direct reply to you post, let me point out here my front springs are just as visible and functional as the ones on the Rivet motorcycle. That is to say, they are still in the planing stage. Mine go behind the front wheel activated by a pull shock (hence the rope tied to the lower arm in the test assembly), as per Claude Fior’s 1983 patent on a similar build. It seems self evident to me that the surplus of moving parts implies a front suspension, but hey, I’m not a movie star or web site publisher, just a guy who build stuff for fun.


First, 47 seconds of jump cuts and blinky, trendy fade ins/outs, and I still don’t know how the thing is steered. Do I have to listen to the sound? Oh, wait, it’s a trike. Nevermind.

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Ohhhhh, milled, machined metal. So beautiful, shiny and chrome-ish! Good luck on the fabrication–what powerplant are you putting in it?

I want one!

Drive-train will remains pretty much stock (will need custom intake and exhaust to fit around the frame mods). Its a 1981 Yamaha XJ750rh, which means its a 70ish HP shaftie.

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I would think this trike is more his style:


You forgot to put springs up front. Thats gonna hurt.

When you get the bike finished, and you have several decades as a science fiction, television and movie super star, submit your trip via the link on our website and someone will check it out.


Niiiice! And even nicer shop, I am envious. :smiley:

I am afraid that not being a starship captain may interfere with this plan somewhat.

Old school! :smiley:

Pretty sure reply works here? Yup.

I’m glad you plan to install a suspension. Even the greatest engineer couldn’t change the laws of physics.

@shaddack - its not my shop, I gave up long ago busting my budget trying to maintain equipment and workspace. I pay $55 a month to belong to a hackerspace, which is where I did 100% of the work, and you are welcome to join. Single weekend memberships are only $10, if you have a one-off need and / or are not local.

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Sadly, wrong continent. :frowning:
The one in my city does not have heavy machining equipment. :frowning: So I am stuck with what I have in my own shop.

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That’s a very ambitious project, especially as you are re-inventing several key parts to your own on the fly design. I hope you succeed in a big way. I also hope you will do plenty of shakedown runs before going very fast on it. Like take it off-road at low speed for some significant time and then magnaflux the frame and suspension components.


lets hope he blogs/books it as Billy Connolly did with his cross country trip on a trike