Americans destroy hitchhiking robot


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Some has posted video footage of a scruffy looking guy approaching and presumably trashing Hitchbot. Not yet confirmed.


Can’t say I’m surprised. Nor would I be surprised if it had been shot by a rich dentist.


Cute, yes; but also has the look of kid’s abandoned junk.
I wonder if the ratio of abandoned junk due to less socialized road cleanup and maintinence has what to do with the robot getting vaguely(per the story) decapitated or damaged in the US.
I wonder if this was more a case of feeling that apparently abandoned=available to take and the finder saw abandoned tech which could be DIY’ed into (in their opinion) more useful life than a bucket robot.


In a related story, video downloaded from Hitchbot shows Bill Cosby offering the robot a ride and a drink.


The sad tale of this project’s demise seems to have done far more for its publicity than anything else it has done.

I am reminded of those various little bear-sharing projects I hear about every now and then in elementary schools and so forth, whereby students each take turns taking custody of a stuffed animal. It seems to me such projects must inevitably conclude with someone losing the sharable object and thus being traumatized for life for terminating the group effort.

The video shows Elfreth’s Alley at 2nd Street, where Wellens says he left hitchBOT on a bench between 4:30 and 5 a.m. Saturday.

This seems to be a poor strategy for any art project/expensive electronic kit.


Some pub owner has hidden video footage of him chasing Hitchbot out into busy traffic.


I suspect it was Trump. More illegals coming into the US. Where is that robot’s visa? Where are its work papers?


Odds are on a virus.


If it was going to happen in any US city, it was going to be Philly.

Who’s bright idea was it to bring the robot to Philly?


Should we figure out the identity of the thug that did in hitchBOT, I propose that a bunch of people organize to build clones of the robot. Then, over time, we set them up in places he’s likely to run into them: outside his front door in the morning, on the sidewalk outside his window at night, at work, on a bus he takes regularly, etc. It will have custom messages like, “why did you hurt me, Todd?” (I assume his name is Todd). When he starts kicking and smashing it, it will say “there will be more of us. There will always be more.”


Let’s hope this teaches a lesson to any other hitchhiking robots that might want to try this stunt in the future.


It turns out that singing ‘Baby don’t fear the reaper’ just doesn’t endear robots to American audiences. Who knew?


Read the article. It worked elsewhere.
It wouldn’t work in England either; we have the worst vandal problem in Europe. As I recall we had a derogation on the design of street lights because ours needed to be vandal proof; nobody else’s did.


And now he has this terrible pain in all the diodes down his left hand side.


“Americans destroy …”

Hey, its what we do best!


Of course his name is Todd.


It could have been the South, where rednecks carrying Confederate flags would have surrounded it and mumbled something about not being from around here…


I’m surprised Hitchbot survived Boston. Bostonians are terrified of anything with blinking lights.


Robot lives matter