Download a tiny executable poem about feeling sorry for robots

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Oh come on, it’s not the world, it’s PHILLY!!! Who could not have predicted this of a place where Santa was pelted with snowballs. Hitchbot probably invited being ravaged, had a Dallas Cowboys star on him

That thing was recognizably made of garbage parts, and therefore had the robot equivalent of a punchable face. Not that anyone should have torn it apart, but it sent a message of low worth, or low attention paid to details and overall impression. Maybe the kind of people who would destroy it would destroy anything like it no matter how appealing, but it would be interesting to see if more charming robots would fare any better.

Or perhaps phillyphil is on the right track with the ‘forget about it Jake, it’s Philly’ explanation.

Rumor’s that hitchBot ran on D-cells.

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I am all about downloading .exe files from unfamiliar sources.

If only HitchBot had made it to Pittsburgh in time for the Anthrocon convention it would have been embraced by the furries and arrived on the west coast not only intact but with its own custom fursuit and a wonderful collection of strange photos.

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