Dallas Airport Gets Giant Robot

A 7ft Robot at Dallas Airport (Love Field) is Watching for Unmasked Travelers

I’m just glad it doesn’t look like this:


Might be more effective it it would, though.


I went thru there the other day but didn’t notice…

They should get the robot from CHiPS. Later that year (or so) it turned up at the auto show in Ft. Worth, helping to sell the new Oldsmobile.

Also make sure to pronounce it “ROW-but”


at least that robot has wheels. this sounds like a kiosk with a camera and a speaker. im not sure that’s robot territory. otherwise amazon’s panopticon ( oops sorry, i meant ring cameras ) is a robot too

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(It did indeed have wheels. But IIRC, when I saw it, there was somebody off in the back of the crowd speaking into a mic. It was more of an RC vehicle than a row-but.)


After days of telling MAGAs to put a mask on, will it “accidentally” fall in the fountain?

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That was no accident. The K5 tried to off itself permanently when it realized that it would never be a Dalek.


Well, yes, but we had to say that it was an accident so that his Robo-Widow and children could collect the insurance

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