Security robot runs over child in mall, keeps going


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Wild boar goes on rampage in Korean restaurant

Reminds me of the 1986 film Chopping Mall.


Man, the producers really missed the boat with the title. Shopping Maul would have been wayyyy better.


When will you people learn how to act around robot security guards???


And so it begins…

Are you prepared?



Hey Mr. RoboSecuity! Human Lives Matter!..Just kidding


I feel like the security bot’s programmer’s cat snuck in some errant code to cause this out of revenge for the creation of the cat-terrorizing Roomba (not withstanding sharkcat).


If the poor little kid had been black the damn thing would have backed up and hit him again.


Harwin’s up for a Darwin.


Well, the singularity is pretty much ruined for that kid.





LOL. Thats what I was thinking too…


If you want a vision of the future, imagine a robot rolling over a toddler’s face, forever.

…or something like that.


I was going to use a Luda .gif but then I figured that Ms. Regina George could probably kick his whole crew’s ass.


Details of these breaking news stories are always fuzzy at first, so don’t rush to take the human’s side until all the facts are in. I notice that the “fair and balanced” article has only humans giving their thoughts.

(Exclusive quote from the robot: “EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!”)


Some years ago, I was installing some equipment at a customer’s site. Unbeknownst to me, a horror story unfolded while I was there. One lady there got a phone call, let out an anguished cry, and ran out of the department. I only learned what happened weeks later.

One of her children was standing behind a relative’s car in the driveway at home. The child’s relative was at the wheel of the car. Not knowing that the child was standing behind the car, this person slowly backed up at a little. The rear of the car bumped the child and the driver applied the brakes immediately. The child fell backwards and hit its head on the pavement and died.

It’s appalling, no, criminal that the maker of this robot didn’t design proper safeguards into this machine. Where were the regulatory agencies? (Oh, riiight…)


It starts.


To be fair, it was the heat of the moment, and who can say what looks dangerous from law enforcement perspective? Once the union mandated cool-down period has elapsed, we’ll let the droid speak for itself. Unfortunately the vest cam was accidentally turned off before the incident, so we’ll have to take its word on it.