Riot Control Robot Unveiled in China Looks Ominously Like a Doctor Who Dalek, May In Fact Be One

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That thing won’t be totally easy to completely blind with a blanket will it? :smiling_imp:


Granddad! It’s you! I’ve been looking everywhere!


Hard to tell how good the optics are for moderate distances and whether there are any blind spots to approach in.

It’s hard to make a robot that can resist attacks; it’s much easier to make attacking the robot a felony. You probably don’t want footage of the period immediately proceeding the blanket trick making it back to the authorities.


the damn thing looks like a Dalek

Oh, please. That thing’s nowhere near as scary as a Dalek. It doesn’t even have a plunger or a whisk sticking out of it, for crying out loud!

Kids these days…


Lassos, tripwires for entanglement, HERF guns are as easy to make as taking apart a microwave oven.

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Daleks are more angular, and look more like early Panzers, I think. I’d’ve said this looks more like a butt-plug.


Or run a car into it after a blanket is thrown over it?


A butt-plug of that magnitude is FAR scarier than any Dalek, IMO…


I’d say it depends on the butt.



Cute and cuddly name just may work.

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Also reminiscent of the “SECUR-T” bots from “WALL-E”


I’m going old-school.


Does that thing actually spray tear gas out its CROTCH?


Not that much different from Lt. John Pike.


It looks like a Segway modified to be a mobile condom vending machine.

So - possibly useful.


The weeping angels, the scariest psychopaths in the universe, except obviously for the guy going around decapitating them!


Pssh. Even Kim K and Nicki Minaj would run for the hills at the very sight.

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blind it with a blanket

Or a towel. I quoth the mighty Hitchiker’s Guide:

[quote]Within about thirty seconds a security robot came flying down the corridor at about waist height, scanning left and right for anything unusual as it did so.

With impeccable timing Ford shot the toy arrow across its path. The arrow flew across the corridor and stuck, wobbling, on the opposite wall. As it flew, the robot’s sensors locked onto it instantly and the robot twisted through ninety degrees to follow it, see what the hell it was and where it was going. This bought Ford one precious second, during which the robot was looking in the opposite direction from him. He hurled the towel over the robot and caught it.

Because of the various sensory protuberances with which the robot was festooned, it couldn’t manoeuvre inside the towel, and it just twitched back and forth without being able to turn and face its captor.

Ford hauled it quickly towards him and pinned it down to the ground. It was beginning to whine pitifully. With one swift and practised movement, Ford reached under the towel with his No.3 gauge prising tool and flipped off the small plastic panel on top of the robot which gave access to its logic circuits.

Now logic is a wonderful thing but it has, as the processes of evolution discovered, certain drawbacks. Anything that thinks logically can be fooled by something else which thinks at least as logically as it does. The easiest way to fool a completely logical robot is to feed it the same stimulus sequence over and over again so it gets locked in a loop. This was best demonstrated by the famous Herring Sandwich experiments conducted millennia ago at MISPWOSO (The MaxiMegalon Institute of Slowly and Painfully Working Out the Surprisingly Obvious).

A robot was programmed to believe that it liked herring sandwiches. This was actually the most difficult part of the whole experiment. Once the robot had been programmed to believe that it liked herring sandwiches, a herring sandwich was placed in front of it. Whereupon the robot thought to itself, `Ah! A herring sandwich! I like herring sandwiches.’

It would then bend over and scoop up the herring sandwich in its herring sandwich scoop, and then straighten up again. Unfortunately for the robot, it was fashioned in such a way that the action of straightening up caused the herring sandwich to slip straight back off its herring sandwich scoop and fall on to the floor in front of the robot. Whereupon the robot thought to itself, `Ah! A herring sandwich…, etc., and repeated the same action over and over and over again. The only thing that prevented the herring sandwich from getting bored with the whole damn business and crawling off in search of other ways of passing the time was that the herring sandwich, being just a bit of dead fish between a couple of slices of bread, was marginally less alert to what was going on than was the robot.[/quote]