Robotic cheetah can now see and leap over hurdles as it runs


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Not at all terrifying. Nope. Not one bit.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be locked in the safe room in the basement, sitting in fetal position wrapped in a blanket and rocking gently.


All it needs is a latex horse head mask and a knife.


If it can explode keep the cats out of my freshly dug garden beds, I’m all for it. And, you know, maybe chase the mailman around a little, just for some fun.


How can any of these designers think this won’t be used against them?

“Hey Frank, I was reading Fahrenheit 451 the other day. You know that part with the robot dogs that hunt people down?”
“Just wondering.”


There is no safe room.


How about Fido from Snow crash?


Don’t be silly. Stuff from Sci-Fi never comes true in real life.


There was at least a dog brain in there.


Good point. I don’t know why I was concerned. I feel like such a fool. (any of this come off as believable? I know they’ll be able to smell fear soon…)


My first thought was, “Come Skynet: Take me now!”

My second was, “I tire of his antics. Release the (robot) hounds.”

The future is a robot paw stomping on a human face forever. The only question in my mind is whether the super-rich will get to play with these kinds of things awhile before police states manage to militarize the technology to catastrophic effect.


When they can self organize into swarms and have integrated with google maps… This is gonna be awesome!


Great. Now there’s no escape.


probably valid dystopian fears aside ; this is really really kind of kewlio !! from a 1980’s prolog point of view ~ but , really kinda !! managing the data flows and merging them into almost , kinda , an implied if limited ’ world view ’ and then merging that into a strategy and action in ’ real time ’ welll , someone surely owes these skillfull and brave researchers a refreshing intoxication or beverage of their choice !!


In all seriousness, I think this may be the first time they’ve demonstrated this robot doing something that a simpler, treaded machine couldn’t do better. As impressive as it was it seemed like a solution in search of a problem.

(Now it will BE the problem, at least once the “hunt” mode is activated.)


Just give it a taste for human blood already, and get he Robocalypse started!

It’s the waiting that the worst part!


I, for one, etc.

Seriously, though, I’m utterly charmed by the photo of the cheetah taped up by the treadmill… even robots need fitspiration, I guess.


In the future Isaac Asimov will be considered a prophet.


Both things will likely happen simultaneously in the US. The government may try to ban personal ownership, but the wealthy will be able to afford to commission similar drone cheetahs of their own. And gild them because they can.


I think I’ve had that nightmare. Does it start with your coffee turning into a mug full of spaghetti every time you bring it to your lips, and end with you trying to give a TED talk on Pogs, but being repeatedly heckled by a drunk Jeff Goldblum?