A Strange Harvest (1980): Creepy documentary about aliens and cattle mutilation

I’ll stick with Endangered Species :slight_smile:




Oh! Ha! That’s from the 1980s first edition of the Illuminati card game. A form of the card also makes it into the subsequent (and tragically out of print) Illuminati: New World Order card game.

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“Right, so the Cattle Mutilators will attempt to control the Boy Sprouts, with help from the Yellow Journalism… Damn!”



I watched for about ten minutes and they never got past the pre-amble.

Looks like art from Steve Jackson Games. Reminds me of the Illuminati cards but I don’t remember that specific card. I liked the Congressional Wives card.

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But the key meeting took place July 3rd, 1958, when the Air Force brought the space visitor to the White House for an interview with President Eisenhower. And Ike said, “hey look, give us your technology, we’ll give you all the cow lips you want.”

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Second time today that I got to use this :blush:


The problem with these kinds of debates is the question of whether you take the accounts at face value. If the rancher says the cow died quickly, its mammary glands and uterus were removed by a surgical instrument, and there’s a hole in it’s skull like from a drill you either say they’re lying/mistaken or you take that as truth and come up with another explanation. If you take it as truth then that rules predatory animals out. Aliens are a nice way of explaining anything weird, but take aliens off the table and what’s left: humans. So why would a human do this? Maybe it’s the rancher himself trying to get insurance money, but if not there could be another explanation and we just haven’t gotten it yet.


This was on Boing Boing a while back. It’s a mockup for a product that was never made in real life. But I want one.
If someone has access to a good 3D model builder…I’d love a STL file to print out at my library. (my primary computer is old; as am I and I’m on a fixed income). It’d be a nice addition to thingiverse.
Just the cap… with opening sized to match a recycled looza juice jar.
Also for the glass the “looza” brand has the jar of almost flasked shaped glass.
And you’d just need to get the UFO lower opening to match the cap.

From there it’s just some silk screen or sharpy artwork.


Look at that face! They made him look too cute…I’ll bet he paid for those burgers, unlike this guy:


Thank you. I have been trying to remember the name of this film for ever!

If you look you can find this entire film on the Internet for watching.

It kept me up for weeks after seeing it as a kid. Look at these spoilers because you aren’t going to see this film and if you do read them, you might just watch it.-> A super modified ultra fast Ebola (now a trope) like weapon that can be introduced to anything, odorless and tasteless it could even be put on a toothbrush when a person isn’t home. and -> Super quite ultra stealth helicopter(s) and -> Dialogue like"…There are several people around here that are starting to look like cows to me.

In hindsight, the movie is good terrible. MSTK terrible. Seriously, they need to do this film. Actors botching lines, awesome 80s sci-fi soundtrack, with echos of June of that year’s The Thing, 80s synth version of the ever present Theremin ala Forbidden Planet, and pseudorandom background notes whenever something “technical” is going on like a computer working in the background, like in Colossus. Who else other than Robert Urich could fall in love with someone while investigating something that involved missing cattle anusus, bloodless bodies, and people spontaneously bleeding from what must have been every orifice with no cure, “Like what you see!”… a beat and some bad dialogue later “I’m an American” (guts everywhere).

Seriously, look for this film that kept a very young kid up for weeks worrying about things that weren’t possibly going to happen. I think it’s about 2:18 minutes long. I swear the version I saw had intestines shooting out like of a person like an inflatable tube person advertisement- then again I was young.


When I watch all the Star Trek I can watch this will do.

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I wonder what DeLonge is doing?

OG Hamburglar is a bit unsettling. Okay, very unsettling.

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I really do enjoy that film, although we may be a fan club of two :stuck_out_tongue:

C’mon, the black ops diabolical-poison-on-the-toothpaste trope that ends in Ben Morgan’s (Hoyt Axton…HOYT AXTON!!!) ample belly dissolving into roadside intestinal mayhem…that’s classic stuff right there!

A cow-a-killin’ stealth helicopter that may have given birth to Blue Thunder and Air Wolf



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I can do it, if you give me dimensions of bottle opening (lenght, thread pitch, minor and major diameter of thread).

I was thinking of putting the actual lid from the bottle in a recessed hole in the bottom of the UFO. So it would be much more simple than having to deal with threads and thread pitch.

the lid is from a looz juice bottle.

The outside diameter is 55mm that’s from the actual lid from the Looza juice bottle. The idea would be an opening just a wee bit bigger to comfortable epoxy the original lid in the UFO.

Does Boing have a way to message a user?

located at the geee mail site.

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Good idea - thread would be the only difficult part to do. The internal diameter of the model is 56mm.

I’ve also split model in two parts to make printing easier:

I’ve put STL files on Google Drive:

And a Blender file for easier editing:

When you finish it, post results on crafing thread :slight_smile:

When you click user icon or name, there’s a “Message” button.

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See also the 1980 movie gem “The Return”:

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