A comprehensive guide to corporate online surveillance in everyday life

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atlas tags are nefarious and need to be stopped

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Just think if they used all that time and money doing something useful…


Getting your money out of your pocket is very useful. I would do it myself, if I could.

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Evil is as evil does!

Well, that tears it! I’m certainly never visiting another website with all these nefarious trackers and surveillance gewgaws on it!

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Present company excepted, of course.


The Internet is looking more and more like a distopian society. Probably, in a not so distant future, all you get without identification is a blank screen.

No way, they can’t sell you anything or mine your data with a blank screen. Maybe a screen of nothing but ads, or maybe allowing you to earn brief web time if you fill out enough of their surveys.

Actually, on a smart phone, all you get without identification is a blank screen. You cannot activate the phone without giving info that is uniquely linked to you. Then you can access the Internet on that phone which will happily report what you do to its masters.

More than half of Internet usage comes from smartphones today.


My adult (nearing the grandpa side of adult) brother doesn’t even have a computer any more. 100% smartphone.

Separately: I had a nasty cold last week. When the skin on my nose cracked from too much blowin’, I asked my spouse if we had any Vaseline. She said we haven’t had any in the house for at least a decade. A while later, she got an ad on her phone for… Vaseline. The first time either of us has typed that into a computer is for this post.

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