ICE uses Facebook's backend to hunt their prey, with help from Palantir

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Great, I always wanted to see a real-life version of a supervillain team-up issue.


I’m sure there is a principled explanation of how selling surveillance services to the local security forces(in part because your success flogging them to the private sector has been kind of tepid) is a totally libertarian thing to do.

Really, I’m saying that with a face so straight it could run on a family values platform. Pinkie swear.


I am far more disgusted by this tracking of remittances and tying them to social media than with any surveillance exposed thus far. This is how technology is used to punch down. I’ve wavered on deleting my Facebook, but this is the line.

ETA: And done!


Are they using this to track us, as well?


For someone with such high standards for what qualifies as ‘police state’ your threshold for ‘censorship’ seems curiously low.

It looks to me like the BBS’ superior private sector funded methods analyzed PROVIDED posts to them by a user and rendered yours a sort of light grey. Are you being censored? Really? The answer is no, not even close. This isn’t about your feelings of ‘censorship’, something that you can’t prove and is only in your head. It is about saving time on the battlefield abroad and at home on the bulletin boards. You just haven’t done your homework on BBS, so stop with the echo chamber bs please. Peace.


Really not a fan of the Intercept (and especially not Lee Fang), but the longer all this nonsense goes on, the more in favor I get of letting Facebook get prosecuted out of business. I mean, I really like social media, but Zuckerberg is making an excellent case for treating Facebook like a toxic waste dump to be evacuated, fenced-off, and scrubbed clean for a couple decades.


Right now I’m feeling a bit smug because I have never used Facebook–or Twitter–or any of the other “social” apps. If you want to communicate with me, use snail mail.


Same here, never used FB, Linken or even a cell phone. Land line phone at home, digital voice mail, email, tv is old tube. Still have a record player and vinyl albums, vhs player and tapes. Mainly due to fears that using those ‘social websites’ will track usage and sell the information. Glad the paranoia has paid off.


“Gandalf: “A Palantír is a dangerous tool, Saruman.”

Saruman: Why? Why should we fear to use it? “

Who reads these books and picks Saruman as their role model?


ANOTHER REASON to #DeleteFacebook.


People who think getting blood transfusions from teenagers will make them immortal.


Do you mind articulating why? Seems weird you have such strong feelings but don’t share specifics…

Does he think that will help his broken staff?

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I don’t really want to know anything about Peter Thiel’s staff, to be perfectly honest. :wink:



The story’s been updated.

Correction: March 26, 2017

Due to an editing error, this story originally suggested the investigation referred to was related to a potential immigration violation. It more likely appears to be a case of human trafficking.

That’s quite an editing error.

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Story was updated again, making it even more clear that Lee Fang is full of shit.

Correction: March 26, 2017
Due to editing errors, this story and its headline originally reported that the investigation referred to in the ICE emails targeted an immigrant. The story also said that the search for the target of the investigation was underway in New Mexico and suggested that the investigation was related to an immigration violation. The documents reported on in the story do not establish that the target of the investigation was an immigrant or that the individual was being pursued for immigration violations. The target of the investigation was, according to the documents, based in the New York metropolitan area, while several of the ICE agents on the emails were based in New Mexico. Additionally, this story has been updated to include a comment from Facebook stating that the site handed over the information to ICE in response to requests related to an investigation into an alleged child predator.

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Of course not. /s They’re just “enhancing” your advertising experience.

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