Facebook removes Thailand mass shooter account, police say 'at least' 10 killed

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/02/08/facebook-removes-thailand-mass.html


Doing one good thing does not erase the millions of bad things FBook does daily, to the World.


If the shooter is still at large, could Facebook be used to track him by his posts? That is one thing Facebook seems to be accused of frequently (among other privacy infractions).


Ah, actually killing people. We’ve finally discovered facebook’s limit.

(because it certainly wasn’t hate filled white supremacism or threats of race war/genocide)

Nah, Facebook is still fine with promoting killing.


More likely the Thai authorities would use the cellular connection he is using to post to Facebook. Police these days are set up to use multilateration to get handset locations.

I don’t know about Facebook’s morality but I certainly perceive a masive chasm of severity between saying hateful things and killing. For example, if someone yells the most horrible obscenities at me I will ignore them and walk right past them. If they attempt to kill me then I will take their lives to stop them.

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