A cool retro map of USA song titles



Yeah, I’m willing to forgo a few geographical inaccuracies for what is a pretty cool design, really.


I can’t see it on the state map, but the national map shows it somewhere around Point Arena, for some reason:

But both maps seem to have multiple songs for the same city, and they get scattered around the vaguely general vicinity…


Missing: I was standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona.


I see they threw in some Canada stuff there too. Points for “Runnin’ Back to Saskatoon” but points lost for “London Calling” for friggin London, Ontario.


Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are parts of Connecticut now?


Eh, New York’s alright. . . if you like saxophones.


Had a look at the world version. Germany has the apt Autobahn, but the Pixies U-Mass is a stretch, and Francfort Special isn’t marking neither Frankfurt am Main nor Frankfurt an der Oder.

And don’t get me started on Africa.

I know, haters gonna hate, but this is a rather weak cartography.


I also noticed a few omissions from the world map


I think that’s the joke.


Nova Scotia has suffered the same fate as New Zealand often does…


Alberta Bound? And I guess the vanity of flying the Lear Jet to see the total eclipse of the sun wiped Nova Scotia off of the map.



Lakeside Park should be in Toronto, not the U.P. in Michigan, eh!


As I said in my previous post, I would have assumed so, but in the two maps so many other locations are randomly located (or placed vaguely in the same state to keep multiple references to the same location from being in exactly the same spot) that it just seems to be how the map was put together.
I mean, “Jailhouse Rock” is also on that same map, inexplicably in the ocean off the Monterey Bay (where there’s no land) - I have no idea what location’s even being referenced there. A grossly misplaced Alcatraz?
If it was an attempt at a joke, it was ruined by context.


But but… The bluest¹ skies you’ve ever seen are in Se-at-tle, and the hills the greenest green² in Se-at-tle, like a beautiful child³ growing up free and wild… (hideous song link - don’t click this - i mean it)

  1. grayest blue
  2. moss
  3. Amazon employee



Hey man I actually unironically love that song.


surely “Amarillo Brillo” is “Camarillo Brillo” and belongs in CA


Nova Scotia is a figment of everyone’s imagination.