Map pins pop songs that mention cities


Australia looks like it should have more markers.

Ditto for Canada via Hank Snow,

And half of Stompin’ Tom Connors songs. And it’s astounding that no one from the Atlantic Provinces mention place names… Sigh.

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Nothing for Atlanta, despite it being the epicenter of Dirty South hip hop. If nothing else, it was on the list in Living in America. So, F.


I think it’s a really cool idea. I didn’t see any mentions of New Orleans, which, really? but nonetheless, he’s got a good start on it. I assume it will be added to.

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I dunno if this is a pop song,

But Toronto sure loved it

There artist (compilist?) seems to have made a distinction between songs about cities and songs the merely mention cities.

The Heart of Rock and Roll names quite a few that are not on the map.

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He used the Wikipedia article here to compile the map: List of songs about cities. However, cities like my old hometown (Montreal), have their own pages (List of songs about Montreal) that are linked to in the main article, ditto Toronto, ditto Vancouver.

Ditto London and New York, but he couldn’t afford to forget about those cities, now could he? (However, Manchester and Liverpool also have their own pages, but they’re in the same boat as Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver… and, especially in the case of Liverpool, that’s just silly. No “Ferry Across the Mersey” here, I’m afraid.)

Sloppy, really.

I know at least Outkast, pre-Stankonia, made many references to the ATL… hell, they even talk about East Point, specifically. I know they can’t be the only dirty south act to talk about the city. Isn’t there some ludacris song where he talks about I-20?

I personally have a very broad interpretation of the term “pop music” (which I’m sure not everyone agrees with), so, yes?

No mention of Carlisle (amongst others)

or most of the rest of the north of England for that matter

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Yeah, there are like a million songs which talks about NOLA.

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They have ‘Panic’ under London but not Birmingham, Carlisle, Dublin, Dundee or Leeds.

If it’s songs about Towns/Cities, then they are missing ‘Dirty Old Town’ under Salford.

Edit: I never miss the opportunity for a Manics song. Here’s one named after Hugheskova/Yuzovka/Donetsk


Well, he got Newcastle, but no “Five Bridges Suite”.

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Seems to be working pretty well for me.

Hi, I’m Javier, the author of the map.

Here’s some info about the project, links to download the data and some words on how to help me improve it (as I wrote there, the map doesn’t pretend to be an exhaustive collection of songs about cities and the information comes from the Wikipedia).


Don’t mind us angry pendants, as that’s sort of what we do here… It’s hella-impressive with over 7000 pop songs! Cool stuff!


Oh yeah love that manics track, nice homage to theme for great cities is that.

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This is a really cool idea, and it really shows how many songs about places there are because even with 7000+ songs, cities that have many songs about them get left out.

When I first looked at it I thought it was so weird to me that Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles don’t have a mention, but Cleveland has 20. But then I thought about how each of these big cities have well known nicknames “The Motor City,” “L.A.,” “The Windy City” and maybe those don’t have a way of matching up? But then I looked at a list of songs about Chicago on wikipedia, and one about Detroit, and Los Angeles, and there are hundreds in each list.