Map of the #1 song in countries all around the world


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The fuck, Western Kazakhstan?


It’s been totally fascinating to watch the rise of YouTube-driven popular songs vs. radio/CD/downloads. “Gummo” isn’t exactly an earworm I hear drifting out of car stereos, but it’s apparently blowing up the whole east coast on YouTube.


The fact the data comes from youtube should merit at least an asterisk, probably a disclaimer.


yeah but…criminal over a billion hits, perfect 600 mil, gucci gang 500 mil, gummo 100 mil…led zepp greatest hits a mere 1 mil


“Beat It” #1 in Redmond, Washington. Is Microsoft using it for team-building?


No fooling, the #1 song in Japan is “Me Likey”


Norway has no favorite songs. :cry:


and damn you, YouTube France! How am I going to hear “Mwaka Moon” now that it’s not available in my country?


India’s #1 is pretty good, and has excellent playback singing by the female lead.

Meanwhile Turkey has bucked the international trend and has selected a slow, depressing ballad. But it’s pretty good, too.


and it’s too bad that the tech that makes this chart possible – youtube – is partially responsible for the trend of music “flattening out” across the world.

20, 30, 40 years ago the sounds would have been so different as one went from region to region. There would have been many more local sounds, rather than a mishmash of techno/hip hop that dominates almost every country.


It isn’t international trend but pretty usual for turkish music


that’s the real proof Norway is no Shithole.


True–the fact that’s it’s driven by clicks, not purchases. “Criminal” – oh, man. Pissy, generic, techno/reggae garbage.


very inaccurate everyone knows this is the favorite song of all czechs


I have a feeling just looking at the locations and the data similarities that they have mixed up their San Antonios. I mean it could just be one of those things… but I have a feeling Gucci Gang is more popular in San Antonio Texas where it seems to be holding strong than it is in San Antonio Chile where it kind of sticks out compared to the surrounding area.


Map of the #1 song in countries all around the world

Cool! I wonder what thee kids are listening to these days…
I’d never heard criminal before. Now I kind of wish I hadn’t.
I’ll just stay inside until something else overtakes reggaeton in the hierarchy of cool.


I don’t know why I’m so sad China is not included.


I have not heard any of these songs before and I can’t get into any of this. I guess I’m just old. Give me psychadelic, prepunk (Bowie, Iggy Pop, New York Dolls etc.) and the first wave of punk (Clash, Sex Pistols, Jam, Gang of Four etc.). Throw in some grunge and TOOL. I do like some folk and Celtic music and early western and Johnny Cash. I like some of the bands on our local community radio, First Aid Kit and Quilt among a handful of others. That’s about it, I suppose my music evolution has stopped.


Don’t forget N. Korea.