Gangnam Style finally dethroned as most-played YouTube video


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Speaking of Despacito this is pretty cute, wait for the plot twist at the end:


I was really rooting for this guy to reign supreme.


Wow, what a run for Gangnam Style.


This is like Election night all over again. I don’t want to live in a world where Gangnam Style isn’t the most watched YouTube video.


This news also very likely permanently ends the era of me having seen the most watched video on youtube.


I would prefer Never Gunna Give you Up to be #1


Could you link to the number one video? I can only seem to find a really mediocre song with a bunch of clips of a dumb movie interspersed with some white guy yodeling at a piano and some black guy rapping on a cliff. Not a lot of people could possibly want to watch that, so it must be something else.


That number represents one play for a quarter of all of the people on the planet.

Or 73 repeated plays for everyone in the state of California.


Or a whole lot of Russian bots and a hidden line item in the movie budget.


If you haven’t seen the “music videos without music” version of Gangnam Style, you’re doing yourself a disservice:


Significantly better than the original.


I find the Shreds series to be adorbs.


It’s a song from Furious 7, which goes a long way to explain the video’s popularity.



In looking at the list of most watched videos, it seems more clear than ever that MTV went horribly, horribly wrong in giving up on music videos.


I don’t think i agree. Music videos make more sense these days to live online, why would i want to turn on my TV and have MTV decide what to play when i can go to Youtube and watch the music videos i want to watch.

However having music related programming like interviews, events, and other shows centered around music, artists and creative endeavors would fit. But they seem to be mostly content in putting out trash programming.


Meesa Shocked!

Oh wait, I thought it was Gungan Style


I’m wondering, the views of Never Gonna Give You Up are scattered across several postings of the clip. Did anyone bother to make the sum?


No no no… like so

“I would prefer THIS be #1” is how to do it…