Pixel art map of the USA

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/09/16/pixel-art-map-of-the-usa.html


Very cool. Also some interesting liberties taken, like the bison in NE Iowa amongst others.


It is weird, when I looked at the full size animated version of this map, my brain immediately started playing the music of the second map of Super Mario World: https://youtu.be/8rk2QBJ5lZE?t=93s

Edit to add: I went back to the full size animated version of the map and now my brain is playing the music from the first map of Super Mario Bros. 3, this is very interesting to me: https://youtu.be/LI_mwl3QcYA

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Yes, and that crazy weather event that is perfectly covering Canada and Mexico with a thick blanket of clouds…

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Nice, but I’m not a fan of the scalloped national borders.

I can’t really see it - deviant art is blocked at work, I guess. But the small image looks cool.

I can’t decide if Prince’s guitar is in South Dakota, Iowa, or far SW Minnesota. At least I assume that’s Prince’s guitar.

That being said, I wish there was a way to have an animated .gif as your PC background.

Why are there so many cruise ships on fire?

ETA, pretty cool though.

I’m wondering if careful, close scrutiny of this most excellent map could reveal any personal commentary hiding in plain sight. I’d be disappointed if there wasn’t.

Anyway, at the center of Alaska is something I first thought to be the head of ‘Bozo the Clown’, but it turned out to be an American Bald Eagle. It doesn’t take a major mind-twist to fantasize that as being any sort of personal commentary; just thinking of the times.

Reminds me of the Norwegian Joy cruise ship.


It looks pretty neutral from my limited perspective. Famous landmarks and landscape features.

I liken it to a postcard (yes, I’m old). Some folks want something edgy and subversive, some folks want a good view of Mt. Rushmore. This is more the latter, I believe.

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