Gorgeous Map of the Internet: XKCD meets National Geographic


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Very neat. Interesting that Bitcoin is an island. I would have put a bleached cowskull in a desert leading to it to on the west coast of social phenomena.

To save some eyestrain, what you are looking for is just west of GooglePlus, east of 4Chan… capital city Frauenfelder.


Ah, eyestrain. Why is it that all these detailed pieces of art invariably are so blinkin’ hard to crank out in a viewable format? It might be the cleverest thing since sliced bread, but if I can’t make out a detail on a page smaller than a tennis ball, I’m less inclined to buy it.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. The image from the link is 4829 x 3207 pixels (15Mp). Plenty big. I’m sure the paper copy is gorgeous.

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Ah. Previously that link didn’t open for me. Now I can mostly read the map.

Love the Aleutians-esque chain of islands extending from EBay in the extreme northeast.

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