Map of the dark web


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I can’t remember if it was Compute or one of the other magazines at the time, but in the early 90’s they included a fold out poster with a map of the internet that included every website at the time.

edit: Found it! It was PC/Computing Magazine in 1995


“You are in a maze of twisting little passages, all alike.”


“You are in a twisty maze of little passages, all different.”



Seems to me there are a lot of generic login pages and server test messages.

My question would be – unless you’re just deliberately trying to mess with people – why would you go through the trouble of setting up something on “the dark web” and not try to obfuscate it with a generic login page or server test message?


Thank you! I had the very same map - and USED it extensively, as a jumping-off guide. Often thought about it in passing, great to see it again. :slight_smile:


And could you tell me the best route from Witt’s End to Mornington Crescent?


Wait… are you telling me that websites with the same predominant color are pretty much the same content? What are all those maroon sites? That’s kind of a right-wing color, right?


That looks amazing, and useful, because it has URLs. Unlike the dark web map, which - unless I’m missing something - doesn’t, and is useless.


I win! I found the happy blue whale.


Map of the Dark Web


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