Watch Tor traffic flow around the world

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Europe’s crystal sword of doom, poised to stab at the East Coast from across the Atlantic!


Waiting for the TOR FUD trolls to find this thread :unamused:

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Interesting - it was developed for the sake of journalists struggling under oppressive governments, but ends up used mostly in Western Europe. How many of those users are simply making a point about privacy and freedom, while checking their Facebook?

How many are making that point by running a tor node?


exactly. And it should be impossible to create such a map with clients using the network - after all the only reason for Tor is anonymity. When activating usage logs in a Tor node one can see an approximate number of connecting clients by country, but this logging is local and not part of the available Tor network data.


What’s with the node in south central KS? Is that real (Hutchinson Community College? Google fiber hub??), or is that just the geographic center of the US map and homeless packets get shown there?


most likely an artefact of the IP geo DB - the country is included but not a more exact location


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