Apple Globe, by Kevin Van Aelst


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Finally. This is much better than the current iPhone map.

That guy must have really pointy teeth.

Even with lemon juice, he must have worked fast to avoid the apple turning brown. Amazing!


Admit it- we all thought it was going to be an article about a discontinued Apple device.

This is a very strange map projection–the Pacific has been shrunk, look how close New Zealand is to South America.


Seriously. A cool idea, but what a poor map. Once again greenland has been magically engorged to the size of Africa. The guy even had a (mostly) spherical surface he could use

Rotten to the core.

Probably full of Gummosomes:

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I agree. Working under water with lemon juice in it would have probably solved it. He could have even just used store-bought lemonade that was thinned. The lemon juice would then permeate the exposed flesh and work better to prevent browning. Spraying only gets the surface.

My thoughts exactly. A wasted opportunity.

Mercator foul!!!

Greenland is way the fuck too big. Bigger than the US and Canada combined? Please!

That’s what comes from copying a flat map instead of a globe. Greenland is 0.8 million square miles. Africa is 11.6 million square miles. Which one looks bigger here?

I once did it with a potato.

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